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Archaeology is both an academic subject and a passionate hobby for thousands around the world. Pen and Sword Archaeology is a fast growing list with the support of Professor Joann Fletcher as well as Dr Nick Saunders acting as Series Consultant to the Modern Conflict Archaeology list.

Pen and Sword Archaeology aims to provide accessible and up to date archaeological books on a wide range of subjects, including the classical world, ancient Egypt, antiquarian biographies, history vs archaeology, local archaeology, image heavy books, maritime archaeology, modern conflict archaeology and battlefield archaeology.

In some ways, this book may be regarded as complementary to the previous one. Instead of shorts extracts of selected texts, Ms Holler here presents full translations of ten important pieces of Ancient Egyptian Literature.

Ancient Egypt Magazine

Egyptian history – as dry as the sand in the surrounding deserts? Not a bit of it. I was somewhat wary of this title as so much has been written about how the ancient Egyptian people lived (their food, religious rituals, work, punishment, legal procedures etc. etc.), but I needn’t have been. I’ve read much about the Pharaohs over the years, before, during and after visiting the country in the 1990’s. Thankfully this book does not spend all its time reiterating the lives and reigns of the Kings, their wars, harems, dealings with other countries, i.e.: the Minoans or Hittites and of course their building achievements be it temple, palace or mortuary. Out of a 263 page book, all that is dealt with by page 30 and so serves as a useful initiation to the interested everyman but does not talk down to those of us who have read it all many times before. Not to say that the text is anything but well written, concise and interesting. Based upon the lives of one hypothetical family chapters.. Read more

Amazon Reviewer

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York Press

Takes readers from the earliest prehistoric remains - dating back to almost 800,000 years ago, through to contemporary archaeology of the present day - using evidence such as genetics, landscape studies, inscriptions and artefacts.

Blackpool Gazette

'Mummies possess an incredible power of attraction,' writes Albert Zink in his introduction to this slim, profusely illustrated, highly readable and beautifully produced book. It's an all-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about mummies-but-were-afraid-to-ask approach which seems to work for all ages. I read though the book with interest and then so did my children, aged 5, 7 and 9; the page -turning accompanied by lots of oohs, aahs and the occasional, "eugh!". I even caught my wife reading it and she NEVER picks up a book. I think our volume is going to be well-thumbed over the years, and my daughter is even taking the book to school today to show her class. If the British Museum gets it into its shops it should fly off the shelves. This reviewer heartily recommends this for children, daddies and mummies everywhere.

Paul Nixon, Amazon Reviewer