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Colonial Warfare

BHTV hit upon an excellent format, matching historians with battlefield guides and re-enactment groups, filming on location and providing a high quality of filming.


A very dramatic and useful book.

Destructive Music

The book is a useful companion to studies of the campaigns.

War History Online

This fantastic read by Adrian Greaves makes a solid stab at clearing up all the myths about Isandlwana. Events at Rorke's Drift and a succession of other bloody encounters are alluded to but not described. The Battle of Isandlwana sent a shockwave through the colonial communities of South Africa and across the world to London, the hub of the Empire, where the news was treated with immense shock.

War History Online

Mike Snook's research and narrative mirror the scale of Victorian Britain's herculean effort to save General Gordon. Ultimately though the author's quest is crowned with success, not least because he brings to his story the understanding of a fighting soldier, cutting through the jingoism and bombast of earlier accounts, laying bare the reasons for the campaign's failure.

Mark Urban, author of Rifles: Six Years with Wellington’s Legendary Sharpshooters