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The principle of this collection is to collect Official reports released by the officers of his gracious Majesty during their campaigns in South Africa against the Boers. Although the writings present only the views of the victors, it is very detailed with many narratives of fighting. Furthermore, a double indexes and units of the British Empire - this is a wealth of information. In summary, a good work!

Phillip Naud

[This book] will be of considerable interest to students of this war. It is encouraging to see books of this calibre - in effect, an extremely thorough and painstaking examination of 'what actually happened'.

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames

BHTV hit upon an excellent format, matching historians with battlefield guides and re-enactment groups, filming on location and providing a high quality of filming.


A very dramatic and useful book.

Destructive Music

The book is a useful companion to studies of the campaigns.

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