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[This book] will be of considerable interest to students of this war. It is encouraging to see books of this calibre - in effect, an extremely thorough and painstaking examination of 'what actually happened'.

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames

BHTV hit upon an excellent format, matching historians with battlefield guides and re-enactment groups, filming on location and providing a high quality of filming.


A very dramatic and useful book.

Destructive Music

The book is a useful companion to studies of the campaigns.

War History Online

This fantastic read by Adrian Greaves makes a solid stab at clearing up all the myths about Isandlwana. Events at Rorke's Drift and a succession of other bloody encounters are alluded to but not described. The Battle of Isandlwana sent a shockwave through the colonial communities of South Africa and across the world to London, the hub of the Empire, where the news was treated with immense shock.

War History Online