Pen and Sword Books: Exit Plan by Mike Sixsmith

Exit Plan
Exit Plan (15 reviews)
by Mike Sixsmith
Imprint: Pen & Sword Fiction
Found in: Historical Fiction
278 pages
ISBN: 9781781590973
Published: 5 December 2012
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Exit Plan rips the lid off the modern Middle East and The War on Terror like little published before.

Terrorism, intrigue and betrayal surge to life with rare insight and colour through the stories of Bill Sloan and Shahid al Sheedi - one an MI6 agent, the other an agent of political Islam.

The two men are set on a deadly collision course when an audacious Arab Emirate attempts to acquire Weapons of Mass Destruction. The similarities in the backgrounds of Sloan and Sheedi are soon forgotten as they become embroiled in the ultimate game – at stake is control of the Middle East.

Empires will collapse, towers will fall and lives will be lost in this breathtakingly timely and cogent novel. Behind the driving, powerful prose is the mastery of Sixsmith, a man clearly in command of his subject matter who, in Exit Plan, has intelligently condensed decades of regional turmoil into a high-octane thriller.

Himself an ex-Intelligence Officer imprisoned in the Middle East prior to the events of September 11th, Sixsmith's
experience lends Exit Plan a legitimacy and a sense that not everything written here is mere fiction.
Product Reviews
Exit plan reverts back to the mid-90s when I set up a company in Dubai under the auspices of the Dubai government to investigate a major fraud against a government company
Female First
In the matter of thrillers, it is always reassuring to the reader to know that the writer has been there, seen it, done it. That is absolutely the case with Mike Sixsmith.
Frederick Forsyth
In this novel, Mike Sixsmith combines many years of practical experience in security, politics and commerce to produce a book on Middle East tensions against the backdrop of 9/11. Shady businessmen, shikhs, hostages and rescuers... [read full review]
Soldier Magazine
Mike Sixsmith's new novel draws the reader into the world of political intrigue, thwarted terrorist plots and international duplicity- reflecting events too often featured in contemporary headlines. This book acts to set our current perceptions... [read full review]
The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles)
A former major in the British Army who was held by the secret police in Dubai has written a book drawing on his experiences in the Middle East
Faversham News
Sixsmith displays a great depth of knowledge of his subject and a great understanding of the human mind. His characters are drawn with sensitivity and care. It was suggested to me that it was a... [read full review]
Amazon Review
Just finished exit plan, and I absolutely loved it. Great action thrills, set against fascinating geo-political canvas, beautifully told. Would recommend to all. 5 stars!
Facebook Review
At times you have to work hard to understand the background and the first few chapters are difficult but don't give up! This is a lot more than a story. The author has obvious deep... [read full review]
Amazon Review
Your story is really very interesting and full of suspense. I really enjoyed reading it and I wish you a lot of success with it.
Amazon Review
Well done, I thoroughly enjoyed Exit Plan. It was a most enjoyable and reflective book.
Customer Review
The book is a triumph;a riveting read,and is a profound exposition of the tangle of problems we find ourselves dealing with.
Customer Review
I write to say how much I enjoyed reading Mike Sixsmith's book `Exit Plan', which I recommend to anyone who wishes to have an insight into the workings of the secret services by a knowledgeable... [read full review]
Amazon Review
A very promising first novel. Mike Sixsmith has a filmproducer’s eye for detail, painting in the sweeping views of Dubai and the Hindu Kush with the same sense of colour, sound and smell that... [read full review]
Amazon Review
The plot of this interesting novel draws on the authors own experiences of the convoluted politics of the Middle East. Bill the hero is called on to deal with a terrorist plot which could destabilise... [read full review]
Amazon Review
Product Extracts
Customer Reviews
I write to say how much I enjoyed reading Mike Sixsmith's book 'Exit Plan', which I recommend to anyone who wishes to have an insight into the workings of the secret services by a knowledgeable author. I see a future for the main character Bill Sloan.
One of those cannot put down books, easy to identify with and up to date with the current situation members of our forces face today.
A good read.
by Paul ian Bilboe, 30th December 2012
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