Modern Warfare


The thirtieth anniversary of the Falklands War gives us the opportunity to review the dramatic recapture of the disputed islands, but also now with Argentina adopting a new level of aggressive diplomacy, some say we are now once again closer to war than at any point in the preceding thirty years.

Privratsky skilfully looks at each problem, discusses the solution and narrates how the various pieces of the plan worked in action. What comes across very well in this book is the skin-of-the-teeth margin by which some of all this worked. Major General Privratsky is no stranger to the story of the Falklands campaign and has written papers on the subject, lectured on the Falklands at West Point Military Academy and worked on this book over many years at the Hoover Institute of War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University.

Britain at War

Dick Hutchings won the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroic actions during the Falklands War – but for a quarter of a century he has remained silent about his involvement in the conflict. Now, in this riveting book, he reveals for the first time the story of his work as a special forces pilot and, in particular, what went wrong both in the air and on the ground during Operation Mikado – the ill-fated bid to land SAS soldiers in Argentina so they could carry out covert operations. The sensitive nature of his experiences provide the reader with some fascinating insights into the conduct of operations.

Lancashire Telegraph

I could not put this down; it is rare for a military history book to be such an exciting read. After 30 years of Top Secret embargoes, it is fascinating to learn from an expert Falklands veteran the real story of the clandestine special operations on the Argentine mainland during the Falklands War.

Mary Clode

A fascinating perspective on the war from a key participant and a valuable insight into the mind of a field commander.

Flying in Ireland

A very concise and detailed account, describing the challenges faced, studies and overcome. It gives you the feeling that this is how command in war is actually carried out.

Flying in Ireland