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Pen and Sword have a strong tradition for publishing biographies, particularly first hand accounts. Autobiographies have always been a cornerstone of our publishing list and we have a rich history of important original accounts of key battles in history. First hand accounts always tell a unique story. We always learn something new about a battle no matter what role the author played. The key part was that they were an eyewitness to events and uniquely qualified to enhance our study of history.

We are immensely proud of this collection of Biographies which have taken many years to build up and now is broken down by conflict.

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View From Bridport

A compelling [read] and extremely well-written.

Paul Nixon

This autobiography is a remarkably frank account of a remarkable career. Zhukov is never less than forthright about the difficult political and military realities faced by Russia during the 'Great Patriotic War'...This new version is the first full edition in English. It is edited by Prof Geoffrey Roberts of University College Cork, an internationally renowned expert on the Soviet Union during the second World War and the cold war. Alongside his well-researched introduction, Roberts has included translations of Zhukov's account of the 1953-7 period and previously unpublished interview material. This book is an important source on the conduct of the war on the Eastern Front. And, as an account of the career of one of the most influential generals and political survivors of the 20th century, 'Marshal of Victory' is fascinating. Given the renewed tensions between the Kremlin and the West, it is also a timely insight into the Russian military mindset.

Irish Times

This is the best biography of Orde Wingate that I have read to date. But before I start to expatiate about its excellence, be warned: this is not an easy read. The author has based his book on primary sources, some of which were not available to previous biographers, and has clearly done his research very thoroughly indeed. Just occasionally the book reads like a PhD thesis; so dense are the thickets of facts that we have to negotiate. Even so, this is likely to become the standard biography of Orde Wingate for years to come, so buy it.

Army Rumour Service

A rare and vivid account of life on the Battlefields of the Great War.

Scale Military Modeller Magazine