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Pen and Sword have a strong tradition for publishing biographies, particularly first hand accounts. Autobiographies have always been a cornerstone of our publishing list and we have a rich history of important original accounts of key battles in history. First hand accounts always tell a unique story. We always learn something new about a battle no matter what role the author played. The key part was that they were an eyewitness to events and uniquely qualified to enhance our study of history.

We are immensely proud of this collection of Biographies which have taken many years to build up and now is broken down by conflict.

'It is a joy to read'

Military Illustrated, Gary Sheffield

The author has done a fine job rescuing this interesting and controversial, flawed figure, Crozier - considered a fine 'front line commander' of the Great War - from relative obscurity. The reader of this volume will gain a greater appreciation of the human element of leadership in combat, and will enjoy reading this absorbing account as much as the author seemingly enjoyed writing it.

International Bibliography of Military History

Ian Beckett, who edited this excellent book, follows Rommel's highly successful panzer battles leading to the fall of France in 1940... I found most interesting the opinion of Beckett, a professor of military history at the University of Kent, regarding the part played by Rommel in the July 1944 conspiracy to kill Hitler. Beckett suggests Rommel probably had some idea about the assassination plot but was on the outer margins, that he sympathised with the basic goals of the anti-Hitler Resistance but that he showed no disposition towards the illegal murder of Hitler.

Folkestone Herald

The book is culled from Henry’s diaries and recollections (as told to his son Lawrence), and is one of the most fascinating books on the war that I have read. Henry’s battalion fought in some of the fiercest battles of the war, including Snipe Ridge and Halfaya in Egypt, all through Tunisia and then on to Italy, where he was involved at Monte Cassino among many other extremely hard fought battles. Some of the campaign was akin to First World war trench warfare and the cold and wet were as effective as the enemy in causing casualties, especially among men who had been equipped with uniform for desert warfare! There were many things that I was ignorant of about the campaign in Italy and this book has opened my eyes to that. It is a well written and very articulate account of that campaign, as well as the others. This book is very good on detail without ever getting bogged down as so many ‘official’ books do. It covers the campaigns, the mood of the troops and the morale as a whole... Read more

ARRSE, Reviewed by OFAH

While most of us appreciate the skill of SAR pilots and their crews, what this book brings out is the dedication and determination with which they carry out their task. I wouldn't have believed that an SAR Whirlwind could have located a vessel in fog by following the rubbish trail they'd asked the ship's crew to jettison until I'd read Geoffrey Leeming's description of how they did it. Great Stuff!