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Napoleonic Books

Pen & Sword’s Napoleonic publishing caters for Napoleonic enthusiasts and for newcomers to this fascinating era of military history.

The range is wide, from campaign histories, biographies and memoirs to studies of battles and battlefield guides. Reissues of classic works of Napoleonic literature feature in the list, but it also includes outstanding, sometimes controversial new scholarship.

Readers who are keen to broaden their understanding of the Napoleonic Wars will gain a critical insight through the variety of books we publish on the subject.

Battle of Waterloo Peninsular War

A good introduction to the campaign and battles of the Hundred Days for those not already familiar with the subject, combined with a practical guide to visiting the battlefields, that packs a great deal of information into one relatively small volume, makes 'Waterloo Battlefield Guide' a sound investment both for prospective visitors and also for anyone else seeking a concise, well-illustrated historical account of the campaign.

Miniature Wargames

This book provides a detailed account of the burning of Moscow...a work of scholarship written in a lively style.

In all, this is an entertaining, well-researched and interesting look into many of the inner workings of "what became the largest British army on active operations in its history to (that) date" (p.91).

The Journal of Military History

Coignet's memoirs are amongst the most famous and oft-quoted of any of those of soldiers who fought in the Napoleonic Wars. It is not surprising. He was prset at all major battles from Marengo to Waterloo, went from private to junior officer, line regiment to the guard and eventually became a member of Napoleon's staff. His memoir is full of amazing observations, experiences and anecdotes that provide a remarkable insight into Napoleon's army and its campaigns.

An interesting new insight into some of the less well known clashes of arms and naval actions. For the wargaming purist, the despatches also have some very detailed observations on troops, battalions and regiments etc. This will allow many fans of the period to recreate the smaller actions easily, as well as refine the details of the larger battles.

Wargames, Soldiers & Strategy