Pen and Sword Books: Assault on Normandy: Pegasus Bridge by Major Mike Peters, Major Tim Saunders, Battlefield History TV

Assault on Normandy: Pegasus BridgeDVD
Assault on Normandy: Pegasus Bridge (5 reviews)
Narrated by Major Mike Peters
Narrated by Major Tim Saunders
by Battlefield History TV
Imprint: Pen & Sword Digital
Found in: Military DVDs
Normandy/D-Day Books,
World War Two DVDs
Series: Battlefield History TV
Running Time: 80 mins
ISBN: 5060247620824
Published: 5 May 2010
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This military DVD charts the slow development of British airborne forces and the directive given by Churchill in June 1940 to form both the Parachute Regiment and the glider airlanding brigades. We follow the plan to capture the two bridges over the canal and river between Caen and the sea from the germ of an idea, through preparations to its delivery as one of the most successful small unit actions of all time, in the opening hours of D-Day.

The DVD is split into four parts and each concentrate on a particular phase of the D-Day fighting: First are the gliders and their pilots who delivered the force, against all odds, in a poor weather and darkness to the bridges. The surprise and pin-point accuracy they achieved contributed significantly to success of the operation.

Next to be investigated is the thoroughly prepared and highly successful coup de main assault by Major John Howard's Company of Ox & Bucks Light Infantry on the two bridges.

After a badly scattered drop, Colonel Pine Coffin's 7 Para Battalion, only a fraction of its strength, arrived to relieve the Ox & Bucks and fought an equally epic battle against the growing strength of 21st Panzer Division until they in turn were relieved on the evening of D-Day when ground troops finally arrived from the beaches.

The famous Café Gondree is also included on the DVD. Indisputably the first house in occupied France to be liberated by the invading Allies, it was central to the story of Pegasus Bridge, its capture and holding. The family Gondree for their willing help and fortitude have over the years, become as much a part of all elements of Airborne Forces as the red beret!
Product Reviews
The small actions at each stage are well described by knowledgeable historians, each with a view of location as it is now, and the re-enactors to bring the scene to life. Recommended.
Military Modelcraft international
This DVD from those lovely people at Pen and Sword encapsulates all that is good about a modern multimedia resource. It is comprised of the main documentary, a shorter supplemental piece and then numerous printable... [read full review]
ARRSE, Fang Farrier
This DVD follows on nicely from The Glider Pilot Regiment and is presented by the same two presenters. Their experience of battlefield guides and knowledge across the subject makes this an enjoyable and informative DVD.... [read full review]
Firetrench Reviews
This DVD charts the slow development of British airborne forces and the directive given by Churchill in June 1940 to form both the Parachute Regiment and the glider airlanding brigades. We follow the plan to... [read full review]
Pegasus Archive
For anyone who isn't lucky enough to have visited Pegasus Bridge this DVD offers you the chance to see what the fuss is about. This is a fascinating into this most famous WW2 actions that... [read full review]
Military Machines International
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Assault on Normandy - 6th Airborne
Assault on Normandy - 6th Airborne
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