This is a graphic reassessment of the greatest tank war in history. The research is impressive and the resulting book authoritative. There are maps and tables, together with an excellent photo plate section. Everything to commend this book to any reader with an interest in WWII.... The author has covered the first two stages of the battle for the Eastern Front. By taking the invasion date in 1941 to the great battles of 1942, he has been able to take the initial German superiority in equipment, tactics, support and experience and then examine the Russian fight back. In this he has captured the epic scale of this conflict and fairly reviewed both of the opposing sides. This book will long be the standard against which other books on these subjects are measured.

Richard Doherty sets out, in his usual, thorough and very readable style, to examine the role of British Armoured Divisions in the Second World War. Highly recommended for all with an interest in the armoured warfare during WW2 or the impact of individual commanders in battle.

Bulletin - Military Historical Society

A must have for the Sherman enthusiast. The book is an easy read with a tremendous amount of technical data and the photographs are exceptionally presented. The Images of War series of books has become a favourite of the modelling community and this book, M4 Sherman, would be a fine addition to anyone's library. Highly recommended!

Modelers Social Club Forum

An excellent read and a good book for tank enthusiasts.

The Armourer

From the battlefields of the Great War, to the modern-day theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan, the history of this impressive war machine is tracked in detail.

Scale Military Modeller