Pen and Sword Books: The Relentless Offensive by Roy Irons

The Relentless Offensive
The Relentless Offensive (6 reviews)
War & Bomber Command 1939-1945
by Roy Irons
Imprint: Pen & Sword Aviation
Found in: Aviation History Books
World War Two Aviation
ISBN: 9781844158195
Published: 1 April 2009
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During the years before World War II, the Royal Air Force, created amid the bloodshed of the Great War, saw salvation in the doctrine of a relentless offensive by a bomber force which would sail over trenches and then on to the enemy cities and annihilate the ability of the enemy to wage war. This book gives a view of how that doctrine, driven by courage and coldly sharpened by scientists, brought those visions to reality.
This is a fresh analysis of Bomber Command, its tactics and technology. It discusses exactly how well organised Bomber Command was to exploit the rapidly evolving new science and technology of new type of warfare. How much did the concept of Allied and German 'morale' influenced the Command's operational plans? What was the influence of the Research and Experiments Dept of the Ministry of Home Security and of university scientists such as Tizard and Cherwell? This book delves into the research into high-explosives and firebombing techniques, newly designed bombs and their devastating effect on the enemy. Why in the early war days was the RAF bomber's armament so ineffective, the navigation so imprecise and the bombing accuracy so poor?
This book also discusses the many varying moral issues that even to this day still rage between those who feel guilt for the destruction of so many German cities and those who see moral justification in the eventual Allied victory.
Product Reviews
For those of you who wondered why so many problems dogged Bomber Command and its equipment during WW2 I would thoroughly recommend 'The Relentless Offensive: War and Bomber Command' by Roy Irons.

This book... [read full review]

Historical Wings Society, Customer
For those of you who wondered why so many problems dogged Bomber Command and its equipment during WW2 I would thoroughly recommend 'The Relentless Offensive: War and Bomber Command'

This book details doctrine,... [read full review]

Historical Wings Society, customer
The Relentless Offensive covers an aspect of the WW2 Bomber Offensive which, as far as I know, has not been fully investigated before. How well did the scientists, the civil service and industry support Bomber... [read full review]
John L. Cox DFC, Aerospace Professional - The magazine of the Royal Aeronautical Society
"...The book concentrates on the 'paper' war within the Air Ministry, detailing the meetings and committee reports on various subjects relating to bombing and also the correspondence between the senior ranks of the Air Ministry... [read full review]
Air Britain
It is something of a metaphor for the content of this book that it contains no illustrations. Instead, it is densely written, passionately argued and makes for demanding – and rewarding – reading. Forty years... [read full review]
Air Vice Marshal 'Sandy' Hunter, RAF Historical Society
"well written and interesting throughout"
Prof Jeremy Black, The Historical Association
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About Roy Irons
Roy Irons was born October 1938, went to Coopers' Company's School (now The Coopers' Company and Coburn School), did national service in the infantry (Northamptons). He joined British Gas 1963 and retired in1993. He then passed 3 A levels 1990-3 and obtained a degree in War Studies/History at King's College London 1993 - 1996. He has had published Hitler's Terror Weapons in 2002. He is married to Erica and has a daughter Rebecca. He lives Coulsdon, Surrey.
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