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General History


Pen & Sword's new wargaming books will offer original sets of rules and supporting scenario books across a wide range of periods, plus more general books on various aspects of the hobby, such as modelling, painting miniatures and making terrain. They are commissioned and written by wargamers for wargamers. Whether you are a veteran gamer or a new recruit to this fun, fascinating and increasingly popular hobby, there is sure to be something here for you.

Paul Davies has been creating models for War-gaming for many years and this book showcases his extraordinary abilities. After reading through this I will never again walk in the countryside without looking around and visualising the possibilities that nature could provide in order to create realistic models and landscapes. Similarly, the little knick knacks throwing around in drawers that are seemingly unimportant can be used to great effect with a little imagination. The office notice board pin, glued to a small piece of card to create a bollard is so simple and blindingly obvious, yet I would never have thought to do so. The author creates anything, from major buildings (using high density foam and balsa wood) to bridges, rivers, ponds, trees, walls, fences, hedges and so on. Little is left uncovered. Shaving a road through a gold fur rug and using decorators mate to create wheel ruts, then the application of the appropriate colour paint simulates a brilliant corn field, the ideas just.. Read more

Chris Heath - author of Denby & District

There are many great things about The Wargaming Compendium that make it an essential purchase, but one of the things to strike me upon reading it cover to cover for the first time is how useful it is no matter if this is the first thing you’ve ever read on wargaming, or if you’re an old hand who’s devoted his spare bedroom over to a 32mm recreation of The Battle of Stamford Bridge.

Suppressing Fire

Wargaming has become a very popular hobby bordering on a career. This book has been designed to take some of the time and effort out of preparing to begin wargames set against the Peninsular War and intended for use with the Pen & Sword Napoleonic Wargame Rules, Grand Battery. Wargaming enthusiasts will find this book a very valuable assistant, but it is also useful to a wider readership, particularly to those who are considering adopting wargaming as an absorbing hobby. The book's structure is very logical and easy to follow. The clear text is supported effectively by many illustrations, including charts, tables, sketches, maps and battle guides.


Very soon after we started up Perry Miniatures we managed to acquire Javier's outstanding painting services for our figure collections. He is a true genius with a brush, with a great sense of colour that turns figures into masterpieces. His military and uniform knowledge adds a great deal to his ability to produce little painted gems.

Michael and Alan Perry, Perry Miniatures

An ideal introduction to wargaming with miniatures for youngsters. One-Hour Wargames certainly achieves its stated aims and is excellent value.

Miniature Wargames Magazine