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Pen & Sword's new wargaming books will offer original sets of rules and supporting scenario books across a wide range of periods, plus more general books on various aspects of the hobby, such as modelling, painting miniatures and making terrain. They are commissioned and written by wargamers for wargamers. Whether you are a veteran gamer or a new recruit to this fun, fascinating and increasingly popular hobby, there is sure to be something here for you.

Wargaming has become a very popular hobby bordering on a career. This book has been designed to take some of the time and effort out of preparing to begin wargames set against the Peninsular War and intended for use with the Pen & Sword Napoleonic Wargame Rules, Grand Battery. Wargaming enthusiasts will find this book a very valuable assistant, but it is also useful to a wider readership, particularly to those who are considering adopting wargaming as an absorbing hobby. The book's structure is very logical and easy to follow. The clear text is supported effectively by many illustrations, including charts, tables, sketches, maps and battle guides.


Very soon after we started up Perry Miniatures we managed to acquire Javier's outstanding painting services for our figure collections. He is a true genius with a brush, with a great sense of colour that turns figures into masterpieces. His military and uniform knowledge adds a great deal to his ability to produce little painted gems.

Michael and Alan Perry, Perry Miniatures

An ideal introduction to wargaming with miniatures for youngsters. One-Hour Wargames certainly achieves its stated aims and is excellent value.

Miniature Wargames Magazine

This book was eagerly anticipated but the product more than lived up to my expectations. It is a quality product, in both look and feel, and a must have for wargamers of every age, experience and ability. It will be viewed as a wargaming classic with the likes of Featherstone and long after Mr Hyde has shed his mortal coil. Definitely, undeniably, it would be more useful to beginners but its actually nice to have everything in one book for us veterans and there is stuff in there about painting figures, making terrain and scenery and even some rules plus lots of other gems. It is a veritable fountain of knowledge. I rationalised it as I spend up to £20 on rules that I might or might not play, here is a useful book which I will dip into for years to come. A no brainer really for me. I've read the book cover to cover and it now sits by my bedside to be dipped into when my wargaming enthusiasm might wane. Inspirational, at times witty, but essential.

Amazon Review, Kev Lowth

I found this an interesting concept for a book, and one which I thought the authors have worked out very well, not an easy thing to do with a battle that is not only famous, but so well documented. The idea of putting you in the shoes of those commanders, getting you to make decisions and then having to work with any impact/results of those decisions gives an interesting insight into what difficult choices military commanders have to make. Success or failure can depend on information that can be fluid, incomplete or even misleading.

Military Modelling