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Pen & Sword turns 30!

Pen & Sword turns 30!

August 2020 sees Pen & Sword Books turn 30 years old. We’ve come a long way over the past three decades, since we first acquired the Leo Cooper military history imprint and Pen & Sword was born. You can read more about the P&S story via the blog and a word from our MD, Charles Hewitt.

To celebrate our 30th year, we have a host of special offers running through the month of August including an extraordinary 30% off RRPs of everything and free UK delivery on orders over £30. The discounts have already been applied, so all you need to worry about is making space on your bookcase for your August purchases!

We also have 50 Kindle and ePub editions discounted to 99p each in the 99p August eBook sale, so it’s also a great time to stock up your eReader!

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Visitors' Historic Britain: Northumberland - Romans to Victorians

Northumberland…to the Romans it was Ad Fines, the limit of the Empire, the end of the Roman World. It was here in 122 AD that the Emperor Hadrian decided to build a wall stretching from coast-to-coast to provide protection, to show the might of the Empire, and as a statement of his grandeur. Visitors to Northumberland can walk the Wall visiting milecastles, Roman frontier forts and settlements such as Housesteads (where you can see the oldest toilets you’ll ever see) or Vindolanda (where you can take part in an archaeological dig) where wooden tablets detailing life on this frontier (the oldest example of written language in Britain) were discovered, or the remains of Roman temples and shrines (such as the Mithraeum at Carrawburgh). After the Romans left, Northumberland became the heart of one of the greatest kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon Britain, Northumbria. The home of Saints, scholars and warrior kings. Visitors…

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