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Heather Campbell is an historian and political scientist specialising in British and Russian imperial history, the First World War, British policy in India, Afghanistan and Persia (later Iran), and Imperial and Soviet Russia. She has worked extensively on Lord Curzon, ex-Viceroy of India and British Foreign Secretary and principal promoter of the 'Great Game' mindset and policy in South Asia. After her BA in History at the University of Aberdeen, and Diploma in the Russian language at the University of Glasgow, she obtained her MA and completed her PhD on 'Bolshevism, Islamism and Nationalism: Britain's Problems in South Asia' at Queen Mary University of London. She has taught at the School of History at QMUL, lectured on the Third Anglo-Afghan War (1919) at the Royal United Services Institute (RUSI) and contributed an impressive article, 'Facing the Wasps' Nest: on the Third Afghan War of 1919 and Afghanistan's Independence in History Today.