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Manousos E Kambouris has a background in scientific writing, contributing chapters on a wide range of disciplines to various edited volumes and journals. He has been researching Ancient Greek warfare for many years and has published numerous articles in Archeologija Prirodne Na (Archaeology and Science), Ancient Warfare, Military History, War & History, NUOVA ANTOLOGIA MILITARE, Third Eye and Hellenic Nexus. He has written three previous books on Marathon, Salamis and Xenophon’s Ten Thousand. For the past 8 years he has been a historical consultant to the experimental archaeology group Koryvantes, the Association of Historical Studies. In 2022 Pen & Sword published his trilogy on the Greco-Persian Wars to 479 BC (The Rise of Persia and the First Greco-Persian Wars; Persia Triumphant in Greece: The High Tide, 481-480 BC and The Greek Victories and the Persian Ebb 480–479 BC) and in early 2023 will publishThe Trojan War as Military History.