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Robert Stedall lives near Petworth and was educated at Marlborough College and McGill University in Montreal. He is a retired chartered accountant and finance director. He takes a broad interest in genealogy with a particular interest in the Scottish peerage. He wrote a history of his own family, ‘Hunting from Hampstead’, published by the Book Guild in 2002. More recently he has produced a two volume history of Mary Queen of Scots and her son James VI,The Challenge to the Crown (2012) and the Survival of the Crown (2014), both published by the Book Guild. These make a fresh assessment of the events surrounding Lord Darnley’s murder. His website www.maryqueenofscots.net has become a focal point for those studying Mary’s life. He was Master of the Ironmongers’ Livery Company in 1989 and has most recently produced a history of the London Livery Companies on their estates in County Londonderry. This was published by Austin Macauley in 2016.

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