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The Secret Life of Foxes (Hardback)

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By Chloe Petrylak, Foreword by Dr Jane Goodall DBE
Imprint: White Owl
Pages: 152
Illustrations: 100 colour integrated
ISBN: 9781399093392
Published: 4th April 2023



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Have you ever spotted a fox and wondered where it was going? Or perhaps you want to know what all the commotion was about when they woke you up the other night with their ear-piercing screams? Or maybe you just want to know how you can tell if these elusive mammals have visited your back garden when you weren’t looking?

The Secret Life of Foxes contains everything you need to know (and everything you didn’t know that you needed to know!) about these beautiful opportunists. From identifying the various species of fox found around the world to learning about their anatomy and super sharp senses, as well as finding out more about our relationship with them – both past and present – get ready to become a fox expert with every page you turn.

The Secret Life of Foxes is for anyone who wants to learn and understand more about the animals we share this fragile planet with – especially the creatures we are able to spot a little closer to home. With useful tips on how to help the foxes near you and lots of other ways in which you can show your support, there’s so much to learn that you won’t want to put this book down for a single second.

Have you ever been lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a red fox during a peaceful walk? Perhaps you've witnessed the fleeting reddish, copper-coloured flash of this enigmatic canid through the interplay of branches. If so, consider yourself fortunate.

While I have never seen this elusive creature in the wild, immersing myself in Chloe Petrylak's latest book allowed me to delve into the hidden life of this animal.

Amidst the backdrop of popular perception deeming foxes as nuisances or pests, this book unveils their profound complexity and dispels such narrow notions.

"The Secret Life of Foxes" serves as an enthralling initiation into their world, presenting different fox species from across the globe and guiding you through the major events shaping a fox's year.

I loved exploring the diverse personalities that foxes can exhibit. Equally valuable was the author's advice on mitigating human-fox conflicts, and encouraging a harmonious coexistence.

This read casts the red fox in an entirely new light, fostering a deep-seated appreciation for their intricacies.

the_wandering_biologist via Instagram

Have you ever spotted a fox on the streets of your town at night or even in your back garden? Wildlife enthusiasts will love finding out more about the mysterious lives of foxes. As well as lots of interesting information, this book includes great ideas for ways to help foxes near you.

The Week Junior

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Highlight: '... a good value book that contains lots of useful information and if you've got a particular interest in one of our favourite native species, it's worth adding to your shelf.'

Amateur Photographer

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I love foxes and I love this book! This is a great, informative, and easy to read book for everyone who loves foxes, are intrigued by them, or want to learn more about wildlife and nature. The book is set up in a nice way, and it gives the necessary info everyone should know about foxes, their lives, and all the different kinds of foxes we have on our planet. It is a surprisingly quick read, and it did not feel like a chore or a school biology book, instead it is a fun read, and in the end I could not put it down.

NetGalley, Tove R

Ever since I was a young child, I have been filled with adoration at the sight of a fox. From their beautiful silken coats, their big bushy tails, their smooth agility and their cunning wits, the fox has always been a creature I held in the most fondest regards.

This book is a fascinating and truly accessible introduction into the facts and background of foxes.

With an outstanding foreword written by Dr. Jane Goodall, Chloe Petrylak goes on to explore the "ins and outs" of the fox, in particular that of the red fox which is the most common of the mammalian world, explaining their lives, habitat and activities.

I particularly found the hardships of a fox to be of grim, yet necessary reading. As a fox lover, it was difficult to read of how nearly 80% of red foxes do not live past the age of 3 years old due to circumstances such as road accidents and hunting. The author also provides ways in which you can aid the fox at the end of the book which I found to be a beneficial addition.

So now, when I hear the foxes that visit my garden calling to each other in those chilling shrieks in the dead of night (which thanks to this book I now know is just one of 28 different calls!) I can safely say I know a wealth of information that I did not before!

NetGalley, Kirsty Whyte

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I love foxes, I am lucky enough to live in a village and see them almost every morning coming down through the fields.

This is a beautiful book with gorgeous illustrations that I think will be perfect for my nephew's who also love foxes.

This covers all facts needed and is so well written and covers all the basics and much more.

Highly recommended

NetGalley, Odette Lattimer-Gittins

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What can be more rewarding and spellbinding than observing nature in action? Many of us including author Chloe Petrylak grew up watching foxes, both in urban areas and the wild. Wily, clever and agile, foxes are found in great abundance on every continent. The distribution of the red fox is the largest in the mammalian world. I have bottle-fed rescue pups as a young child, watched them deftly dig beneath wire fences, sneakily catch chickens, leap high into the air to pounce on prey, heard their goosebump-inducing screams in the dead of night and even nurse pups on a city park path.

Though very familiar with these beautiful creatures I learned more about them from this book including detailed anatomy, the words for a group of foxes, true foxes (and not), caching and that red foxes amazingly have up to 28 different calls. Those foxes which intrigued me most are the Fennec fox, Corsac fox, Tibetan fox (with its interesting almost human-like face) and Blanford's fox which can scale cliffs. Sadly, due to their worst predator, humans, about 80% do not live beyond three years, often through traffic accidents, lack of conservation and hunting. Not only did I learn more but the photographs spectacularly capture foxes from all sorts of angles in different stages.

Intrigued by foxes? This book is for you.

NetGalley, Brenda Carleton

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I love foxes and I loved this book about their secret life. I learned so many things about them and this is the perfect for anyone who is curious about foxes and wants to understand them better. It will definitely find a place on my shelves after publication.

NetGalley, Alina Macarie

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This was a truly wonderful book, I loved learning more about these secretive and often misunderstood animals.

NetGalley, Heather Bennett

A quick book with easily digested facts about the similarities and differences between the foxes of the world. Lovely pictures of the different foxes are included.

This is not a book which focuses on obscure scientific fox specifics. Instead, it succinctly covers the basic facts in well-written paragraphs. I enjoyed reading it on its own, and can easily imagine any aged reader enjoying its contents.

Fox lovers won’t be disappointed!

NetGalley, Nora M

An accessible little book, packed full of facts and photographs about the red fox...
Recommended for anyone wishing to know more about this fascinating and unfairly persecuted creature.

NetGalley, Jill Brittle

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Library, library, library. The Secret Life of Foxes is a library must. This exquisite book diving into the many types of foxes and their behavior is so outstanding I was captivated!

I have a relative who is obsessed with foxes and it's brought such a huge appreciation of this spectacular animal that adds so much to our biodiversity. The book should be in the hands of every nature enthusiast and really anyone who walks.

The book clearly demonstrates how connected we are as a species to foxes and why they are such beneficial animals. We have acreage and have seen foxes on our property in the daylight mostly crossing on their way to something and when I see them I have been in awe.

Also, that this book has a forward by Dr. Jane Goodall, be still my heart. This book needs to get into the hands of every child and hopefully inspire them to write a book report and have a lifelong appreciation of foxes and the value they add to our world. Also, to be involved in bringing an end to fox hunting in the UK, especially with foxes on the severe decline why is this still happening UK?

I would love to thank NetGalley and the publisher White Owl for the opportunity to read and review The Secret Life of Foxes by Chloe Petrylak.

NetGalley, Mik Young

A fun book of facts about foxes, including the different breeds and all aspects of their lives and how they live/survive. This book also includes several beautiful pictures.

NetGalley, Beth Hunsberger

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful two hour read on foxes. I found it fascinating actually! It was a very easy read, lots of information and can see this being an excellent addition for someone who wants to learn more on foxes.
I loved seeing all the different foxes and read on them mannerisms.
I thoroughly enjoyed this read and recommend it.

NetGalley, Kristina Kalmikova

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This was a great book for people who love foxes and want to learn about foxes. It was well written and does a great job in keeping me reading. I had a great time when reading this and enjoyed the way Chloe Petrylak wrote this. I'm so glad I was able to read this.

NetGalley, Kathryn McLeer

About Chloe Petrylak

Chloe Petrylak is a wildlife writer, editor, and proofreader, who founded her freelance business – Chloe May Writes – in 2019. Throughout her career, which began at National Geographic Kids in 2012, she has worked for titles such as Animal Planet, BBC Wildlife, and Eco Kids Planet. Chloe shares her knowledge and passion for wildlife on social media, @ChloeMayWrites. As a National Trust member, she is often found exploring her favourite place – Shropshire’s Attingham Park – with her wife and their dog, Louie.

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