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Why Did Hitler Hate the Jews? (Hardback)

The Origins of Adolf Hitler's Anti-Semitism and its Outcome

WWII Frontline Books Hitler & the Third Reich Frontline: WWII 20th Century

By Peter den Hertog
Frontline Books
Pages: 264
Illustrations: 2 x 8 page b&w plate sections
ISBN: 9781526772381
Published: 30th September 2020


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What do we really know about the sources of Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitism? What led him to become such a genocidal anti-Semite?

It is often said that the strongly anti-Semitic atmosphere in pre-war Vienna, in which Hitler failed to achieve his dream of becoming an artist, was when his hatred of the Jews first began to stir. We also often read that such feelings were compounded by the so-called ‘stab in the back’ by Jewish-Marxists at the end of the First World War, which led to Germany’s humiliating capitulation. The Darwinian science of natural selection is often included in the debate as well, which to Hitler meant keeping the Germanic race ‘pure’ and untainted by the ‘inferior’ Jews.

However, as Peter den Hertog sets out in this book, such external, cultural and environmental factors were also experienced by most of Hitler’s contemporaries, and they did not all turn into rabid Jew-haters. In this study, the author investigates what we do know about the roots of the German leader’s anti-Semitism. He also takes the significant step of mapping out what we do not know in detail. This allows the reader to understand which information needs to be looked for in the search for a complete explanation.

Historians will be historians and so have their own way of looking at the world. This fails to provide us with complete clarity in this matter. That is why this study also employs insights from Psychology, Psychiatry and Forensic Psychiatry. Readers even take a trip 65 million years back in time to the field of Evolutionary Psychology. The author reveals how Hitler was a man with highly paranoid traits. The causes of this paranoia are clarified for the first time and its connection to Hitler’s anti-Semitism is explained in depth. The author also explores, and answers, whether the Führer gave one specific instruction ordering the elimination of Europe’s Jews, and, if so, when this took place.

Peter den Hertog is able to provide an all-encompassing explanation for Hitler’s anti-Semitism by combining insights from many different disciplines. He also succeeds in clarifying how Hitler’s own particular brand of anti-Semitism could lead the way to the Holocaust.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

For anyone interest in the World War Two happenings and the history behind Hitler and his merciless ways; this book is a must read.
The writing style could not be faulted and the read was informative and confronting in a good way. Hitler has many a tale about his life, his way of the land, his women and his dislike of Jews. The author has captured so much more than a story here. She has captured the essence of whom you would expect to see.
A very good must have in your library for historians
Praise to the author

NetGalley, Natalie Lonsdale

The book 'why did Hitler hate the Jews?' is an academic study that attempts to find an answer to Hitler's anti-Semitism and how it influenced the Holocaust.
The book also feels academic, but reads very smoothly, making it worthwhile for non-fiction enthusiasts. The author goes over Hitler's personal life and tries to show his development, his anti-semitism thoughts, and how he became the man we all know. The author does this with a clear timeline.
Both psychological and ethical issues are addressed throughout the book. The book is very diverse and contains many things that I did not know before. Many myths about Hitler are also debunked and sometimes corrected. For example, Hitler did not have Jewish ancestors. A myth which I always thought was true. The author uses reliable sources to substantiate his views.
I feel this is a very important book to understand who Hitler was and why he became so bitter.
We can -and should- NEVER justify his actions, but it can be instructive for the future to understand how someone's environment; can invite him or her to commit such atrocities. The author sufficiently discusses the psychological aspect of his life. A clear relationship between nature and nurture is applied. It is not that the reader needs psychological knowledge to understand exactly what the author means. He explains everything very well in understandable language for everyone.
Questions like 'what if he was accepted at the art academy' continued to resonate with me as a reader. Could we have prevented a world war just by having someone study what they wanted? The author encourages thinking and gives the reader a suitcase of questions when the book is finished. It intrigued me to learn even more about Hitler's personal life, his way of thinking, anti-Semitism, and how it led to the Holocaust.
The author stimulates the reader to think for him/herself. It is not a pre-made idea, there is room for the reader to create their own view and opinion on the subject.

It's such a strong book and I enjoyed it a lot. I think this is a very important teaching material which can be used in academic classes or even in secondary school. The sources are reliable.

NetGalley, Anoeska Nossol

About Peter den Hertog

PETER DEN HERTOG is a historian and author who specializes in the history of Germany in the first half of the twentieth century, and, in particular, that of Adolf Hitler. A regular guest on radio programs in the Netherlands and Belgium, speaking about anti-Semitism and the Holocaust, he also lectures on these subjects at universities and teacher training colleges. Having studied history, biology and cultural studies, and written novels and thrillers, Peter also teaches the art of writing and is frequently sought-after as a ghost writer.

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