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Born on St Valentine’s Day 1913, WOLFE FRANK was a strikingly handsome man and one of the twentieth century’s most charismatic figures. He was married five times – to a German Baroness, an American actress, a suspected Russian spy, an Italian hostess and an Austrian interpreter – and he had countless affairs. In a packed lifetime he was, at various times, a linguist, financial advisor, racing driver, theatre impresario, broadcaster, journalist, salesman, businessman, restaurateur, skier, and property developer. In 1949 he risked his life again by going undercover, on forged papers, to write an acclaimed series of articles (exposing the subterfuge and uncovering evil in post-war Germany) for the New York Herald Tribune, during which time he single-handedly tracked down, apprehended and took the confession of one of the ‘most wanted’ missing Nazi war criminals.