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ASA Briggs Secret Days
ASA Briggs Secret Days (13 reviews)
Codebreaking in Bletchley Park
by ASA Briggs
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256 pages
ISBN: 9781848326156
Published: 17 May 2011
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The Bletchley Park memoir of Lord ASA Briggs will be one of the most important documents to be published in 2010. Lord Briggs has long been regarded as one of Britainís most important historians. He has never, however, written about his time at Bletchley Park.

The publication, which will coincide with Lord Briggs 90th birthday, is a meticulously researched account of life in Hut Six, written by a codebreaker who worked there for five years alongside Alan Turing and Gordon Welchman. In addition to discussing the progress of the Alliesícode-breaking efforts and their impact on the war, Lord Briggs considers what the Germans knew about Bletchley and how they reacted to revelatory memoirs about the Enigma machine which were not published until the 1970s. Briggs himself did not tell his wife about his wartime career until the 1970s and his parents died without ever knowing their sonís contribution to the wartime effort.

The book will be launched at Bletchley in May 2011, in the presence of other Hut 6 veterans and part of the proceeds will be donated to the fund to restore Hut 6 to its former glory.
Product Reviews
Its appeal is largely to those enthusiasts who collect and absorb all things related to BP.
Mathematics Today
This lively account is a valuable addition to our understanding of its contribution to the Allied victory.
Times Higher Education
An engrossing memoir of his own part in Hitler's downfall.
Military History Monthly
Lord Asa Briggs was made a Life Peer in 1976 as a most highly respected British Historian. Altogether (the book) can be described as a histiography of the place and as such will undoubtedly become... [read full review]
Frontline Books have published the Second World War memoirs of the renowned historian, Asa Briggs...the memoir gives an interesting picture of the social life in Bletchley...he also provides a useful histiography of Bletchley and a... [read full review]
Military Historical Society
The memoir gives an interesting picture of the social life of Bletchley.
The Bulletin
The memoir gives an interesting picture of the social life of Bletchley.
The Bulletin
Lord ASA Briggs served at Bletchley Park as part of the team who were breaking down the Axis codes and ciphers. Brigg's new work is the first account of life at the park during the... [read full review]
Hidden Gem!
The Oldie Review
Briggs is an engaging and amiable guide though the mysteries of wartime cryptography... a fascinating account of an outstanding young man and his time at a quite remarkable institution.
Roger Moorhouse in BBC History magazine
Without doubt, this is the most important book examining the work undertaken at Bletchley Park to be publish in recent times.
Britain at War magazine
There are marvellous illustrations in this book, marvellous anecdotes, such as the one about Hrothgar Habbakkuk, (which I am not going to tell you; read the book).... How fortunate we are that Lord Asa Briggs... [read full review]
Gwen Watkins, author of Cracking the Luftwaffe Codes
Asa Briggs ó distinguished historian, former chancellor of the Open University and vice-chancellor of Sussex ó was there [at Bletchley Park] and is very much alive, as this gossipy and informative account shows.
The Spectator
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About ASA Briggs
Lord Asa Briggs is one of the most highly respected British historians. He is the author of Victorian People, Victorian Cities and Victorian Things. He has also written a five volume history of broadcasting in the United Kingdom. He was made a life peer in 1976,
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