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Aviation Memoirs

As featured on BFBS Forces Radio.

BFBS Forces Radio

Dick Hutchings won the Distinguished Flying Cross for his heroic actions during the Falklands War – but for a quarter of a century he has remained silent about his involvement in the conflict. Now, in this riveting book, he reveals for the first time the story of his work as a special forces pilot and, in particular, what went wrong both in the air and on the ground during Operation Mikado – the ill-fated bid to land SAS soldiers in Argentina so they could carry out covert operations. The sensitive nature of his experiences provide the reader with some fascinating insights into the conduct of operations.

Lancashire Telegraph

When many neglect to tell their stories, it is always a joy to read of personal experience from someone who may have been reluctant to put pen to paper but decided to share experiences through the writing of a book. The words are supported by a selection of photographs in plate sections and author has provided personal photographs from her life that would otherwise never have appeared in a book. This is a delightful biography that will appeal to so many different readers, providing insight into aviation and technology, female achievement, personal career, and family.

Firetrench reviews

The dams raid is obviously well covered in Geoff Simpson's book, as is Gibson's early life, his marriage, and RAF career. An easy to read straightforward account of one of the RAF's most discussed pilots. It is a book that continues those discussions.

Britain at War

When the famous raid took place against the Mohne dam, it was the bomb delivered by Melvin Young's aircraft that, according to Guy Gibson, made “three good bounces and contact”. This is the story of that young man from childhood, through his days at Oxford and his career in the RAF which culminated in the most memorable air raid of all.

Britain at War