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A riveting tour de force

Arnaud de Borchgrave, author of The Spike

Scott Lomax has a superb new book out about life on the 'home front' in World War One – and it's packed with some remarkable pictures too.

Reflections Magazine

Unite the Union

The book not only explores the history of Britain's first National Park from the Stone Age right up to the modern day, it also tells the story of the first rambling clubs. The natural beauty of the area is illustrated with more than 80 photographs.

Barnsley Chronicle

An accessible read, 'Nottingham: The Buried Past of a Historic City Revealed' is ideal for anyone with a general interest in the history of the city. This is the only book detailing Nottingham's history through archaeological research and it offers some intriguing potential answers to the never-before published mysteries which archaeological work has uncovered in this fascinating city.

Nottingham & Long Eaton Topper