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Pen & Sword’s Napoleonic publishing caters for Napoleonic enthusiasts and for newcomers to this fascinating era of military history.

The range is wide, from campaign histories, biographies and memoirs to studies of battles and battlefield guides. Reissues of classic works of Napoleonic literature feature in the list, but it also includes outstanding, sometimes controversial new scholarship.

Readers who are keen to broaden their understanding of the Napoleonic Wars will gain a critical insight through the variety of books we publish on the subject.

Battle of Waterloo Nelson & Trafalgar Peninsular War

The book deals in great detail with the Battle of Trafalgar and also with what could be regarded as the second most significant episode in her long career...It provides a valuable background to the often controversial issues involved in conserving and repairing such a large, complex and antique structure.

Classic Boat

Wargaming has become a very popular hobby bordering on a career. This book has been designed to take some of the time and effort out of preparing to begin wargames set against the Peninsular War and intended for use with the Pen & Sword Napoleonic Wargame Rules, Grand Battery. Wargaming enthusiasts will find this book a very valuable assistant, but it is also useful to a wider readership, particularly to those who are considering adopting wargaming as an absorbing hobby. The book's structure is very logical and easy to follow. The clear text is supported effectively by many illustrations, including charts, tables, sketches, maps and battle guides.


Few men from the 71st Highland Light Infantry who sailed from Cork with Wellington to Portugal in 1808 returned to the Irish port six years later. Editor Paul Cowan draws on little known diaries and other accounts written by the author's contemporaries to corroborate and expand on a first-hand picture of this Peninsula war.

Scottish Memories Magazine

Gallantry and Discipline is a superb regimental history which covers a wide range of topics on the internal composition of the regiment and the 12th Light Dragoons in the Peninsular War and Waterloo. The author draws heavily on the correspondence of the Lieutenant Colonel Frederick Ponsonby and Lieutenant Vandeleur. It is a must read for the serious student of the Napoleonic Era!

Napoleon Series

A useful addition to the Peninsular War bookshelf.

Military Modelling Magazine