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Pen & Sword’s Napoleonic publishing caters for Napoleonic enthusiasts and for newcomers to this fascinating era of military history.

The range is wide, from campaign histories, biographies and memoirs to studies of battles and battlefield guides. Reissues of classic works of Napoleonic literature feature in the list, but it also includes outstanding, sometimes controversial new scholarship.

Readers who are keen to broaden their understanding of the Napoleonic Wars will gain a critical insight through the variety of books we publish on the subject.

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Revue du Souvenir Napoléonien

An interesting book, with lots of detail held in the appendices that complete the story. There were plenty of lessons to be learnt from the story and good to see the effort put in by this small group of military specialists over a period of years, and a story that was to lead on to the eventual defeat of Napoleon.

Military Modelling

This gentleman's letters home to his parents provide a lively and engaging account of active service during the Napoleonic wars.

Military Modelling

Nelson's Band of Brothers is beautifully produced and is lavishly illustrated. It is a book to savour for its individual entries, to read and compare the remarkable lives of its many heroes, and as a work of reference to keep on the shelves of every student and lover of books about Nelson's Navy.

The Kedge Anchor

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