Pen & Sword’s Napoleonic publishing caters for Napoleonic enthusiasts and for newcomers to this fascinating era of military history.

The range is wide, from campaign histories, biographies and memoirs to studies of battles and battlefield guides. Reissues of classic works of Napoleonic literature feature in the list, but it also includes outstanding, sometimes controversial new scholarship.

Readers who are keen to broaden their understanding of the Napoleonic Wars will gain a critical insight through the variety of books we publish on the subject.

Battle of Waterloo Nelson & Trafalgar Peninsular War

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Local author Janet MacDonald has published a history of Army food from the 17th century to the present day...The West Wickham author's new book contains more than 20 recipes for readers to try at home. Janet has written a number of books on cookery subjects and was a featured historian on BBC Radio 4's 'Food at Sea' programme.

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a fascinating study, we learn a lot about the composition of the Navy 200 years ago.

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Waterloo: Myth and Reality is a solid contribution to the literature, and, in addition, a book that can be enjoyed for its own sake. Gareth Glover and Pen & Sword alike are to be congratulated.

Charles Esdaile, British Journal of Military History