Pen and Sword Books: RAF Strike Command 1968 -2007 by Kev Darling

RAF Strike Command 1968 -2007
RAF Strike Command 1968 -2007 (2 reviews)
Aircraft, Men andAction
by Kev Darling
Imprint: Pen & Sword Aviation
Found in: Aviation History Books
Post World War Two Books
256 pages
ISBN: 9781848848986
Published: 5 December 2012
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In 1968 a decision was made to combine the RAF Commands that had become famous in World War Two. Thus Fighter,Bomber, Coastal, Air Support and Signals Commands were combined into the single Strike Command. This amalgamation was to see service throughout the remaining years of the Cold War and action in the Falklands and the Middle East in Operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm and Granby.

This book looks at the origins of the World War Two Commands and their outline histories until 1968. The organisational change caused re-equipment, base changes and increasing economic constraints – an all-too familiar story. The Royal Navy was now responsible for the UK’s nuclear deterrent in the form of their Polaris submarines, so the RAF’s V-Bomber Force were now relegated to tanker operations, with the exception of the lone Vulcan that was sent to the Falklands conflict.

The Commands fleet of fast jets became more adaptable, with single types able to assume the roles of fighter, bomber,reconnaissance and maritime attack. The aircraft also become multi-national in their design and manufacture as Britain’s post-war lead in aircraft design had been frittered away by years of thoughtless government and our aircraft manufacturing devolved into a single company. Apart from the brilliant Harrier which the US continues to develop and build, other aircraft flown by the Command were from European syndicates, the Tornado and Jaguar being examples. The US supplied the transports in the form of the faithful Hercules and Europe most of the helicopter fleet.

This book looks at the operations that took place during Strike Commands existence, the aircraft they flew and the men who flew them. It is a tribute to the fast-dwindling strike power of the Royal Air Force.
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This book covers the background to the plans to integrate the various roles and the first chapters deal with the last ten years of both Fighter and Bomber command. This is a very useful account... [read full review]
This is another well-researched book by Kev Darling with its 304 pages crammed with facts and figures outlining the formations of RAP strike command in 1968.
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Kev Darling has written many aviation books such as P-51 Mustang, Warbirdtech 28: English Electric Lightning and Merlin-powered Spitfires. He is one of Britain's most highly respected aviation authors.
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