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The role of the sniper in military history has always fascinated readers. The special skills that a top sniper requires - the combination of accuracy with stealth and guile - are rarely found on the battlefield, but when they are they can be used to devastating effect, not just in physical damage but also on morale. One of the key aims of Pen and Sword's Sniper list has been to publish books where historians, or the snipers themselves, illustrate the field craft, patience and skill required. Some of our bestselling titles are amongst this list a must read for anyone interested in this deadly form of battle craft.

Gallipoli Sniper is a thoroughly absorbing publication... Rather than attempting to write about the whole operation, Hamilton has selected particular aspects of the fighting, which enables him to focus in detail upon his chosen subject. The result is a fascinating book.

Britain at War

This excellent account of the British sniper during the First World War was first published in 1920 but has been out of print for some time... Accounts of sniping in France are few and far between, making this an excellent insight and a timely reprint.


This account of sniping in WWII is a guide to all aspects of the discipline.

Military History Monthly

The Sniper Anthology is a collection of accounts of particular individuals that became known for their skills as snipers as well of stories of sniper operations. These cover the escapades of German, Japanese, Finnish and British snipers and even a Russian sniper, during the Second World War.

Britain at War

Joseph Pilyushin, a top Red Army sniper of the Eastern Front, was an exceptional soldier with a remarkable story to tell. His first-hand account of his wartime service gives a graphic insight into his lethal skill with a rifle and into the desperate fight put up by Soviet forces to defend Leningrad. He describes often-terrible events with such honesty and clarity that his memoir is remarkable.

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