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Aircraft Versus Submarine 1912-1945
Dr Alfred Price
Anti-Submarine Warfare
An Illustrated History
David Owen
was £25.00
Athenia Torpedoed
The U-Boat Attack that Ignited the Battle of the Atlantic
Francis M. Carroll
was £19.99
Beneath the Waves
A History of HM Submarine Losses 1904-1971
A.S Evans
British Submarines At War 1914-1918
Edwyn Gray
was £19.95
Business in Great Waters
John Terraine
Disasters of the Deep
Edwyn Gray
K Boat Catastrophe: Eight Ships & Five Collisions
The Full Story of the 'Battle' of the Isle o May
N.S Nash
Midget Submarine Commander
The Life of Godfrey Place VC
Paul Watkins
One of Our Submarines
Edward Young
Royal Naval Submarines 1901 -The Present Day
Maurice Cocker
Second U-Boat Flotilla
Lawrence Patterson
Seizing the Enigma
The Race to Break the German U-Boat Codes, 1933-1945
Submarine Insignia And Submarine Services Of The World
W M Thornton
The History of the British U Class Submarine
Derek Walters
The Hunter Hunted
Submarine versus Submarine Encounters from World War I to the Present
Robert C Stern
Thetis Down
The Slow Death of a Submarine
Tony Booth, Len Deighton (Foreward)
The U Boat War 1939-1945
Ian Baxter
David Bushnell’s Revolutionary Vessel
Type VII
Germany's most Successful U-Boats
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