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Fred Kerr is a photographer whose lifelong interest in railways began in Edinburgh during the early 1950s noting both LMS and LNER companies serving local train services and continued when his parents moved to Corby in 1956. His interest in railways included the ‘new’ diesel locomotives that first appeared at Kettering on workings from late 1950s as steam traction gave way to diesel traction. When he began work in the 1960s his income allowed an introduction to photography, which enabled him to begin recording the rail scene as an adjunct to his diaries of locomotive sightings recorded from 1963. 

Now retired, Fred continues to take photographs and has begun sorting his extensive photography collection to create a series of ‘potted’ histories with this, the Class 66 history, being the latest. The Class 66 design was designed for freight workings and the book shows how it has become the standard freight locomotive leading to the encouragement of new operators as the class became the ‘de facto’ standard workhorse of the UK’s Rail Freight industry during the 21st Century.

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