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Modern Brush Lettering (Paperback)

A beginner’s guide to the art of brush lettering, plus 20 seasonal projects to make

Photographic Books Colour Books Arts and Crafts White Owl

By Becki Clark
Imprint: White Owl
Series: Crafts
Pages: 120
Illustrations: 150 colour
ISBN: 9781526747358
Published: 30th August 2020


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Modern Brush Lettering is a creative guide to learning how to brush letter. Becki talks through materials, mark marking, turning your marks into letterforms, joining your lettering and exercises to get your started on your brush lettering journey. There are tips and tricks for perfecting your own style of lettering and 20 seasonal contemporary craft projects to make with your new skill.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Becki Clark gives a fresh and updated perspective on brush lettering. With creative strokes and designs, a little practice here and there you will be able to jump right in on the calligraphy fun!

NetGalley, MJ Buckley

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I was interested in this book because I have adored lettering projects from afar. I have even taken classes to learn various lettering techniques, but always walked away feeling frustrated. Clark shares techniques and tools for beginners (like me) and it is written in a style that is easy to follow. I am so appreciative of this resource and look forward to creating artwork for my home and office.

NetGalley, Iris Bryant

I had a lot of fun going through this book. As a complete beginner to this hobby, I found this book to be a really good intro. I appreciated the author's recommendation of pens and other tools (I bought their basic, everyday brush pen recommendation and really liked it), as well as open yet informative written tone. The book walks readers through basic exercises, alphabets, and provides some craft project ideas using the skills you pick up.

Overall, I thought this was a really good primer for beginners. I felt that I had more luck mastering the strokes and letters by watching video tutorials on YouTube, but for people who prefer books, this is a good start to the lettering hobby. I understand that each letterer will develop their own style as they go along, but I would have appreciated the alphabets having small arrows indicating the order and direction of the strokes (almost like a kids' handwriting guide, haha). In totality, this is a fun book and a good start to hand lettering, however a lot of practice and other resources may be required to truly feel like you are making progress.

NetGalley, Jessica Weckhorst

I think the projects are a great inspiration. The detailed pictorial step by step instructions are nice. They also include some simple painting of flowers, patterns and motifs that are pretty and adds to any handlettered item.

NetGalley, Flora Fung

I started brush lettering myself about two to three years ago and am always down to perfect my hand-lettering! That is why I wished for this book, and I am still so so so happy that it got granted! Thank you!

I really liked this book! I loved to be able to see a different person's hand-lettering alphabet, so that I can improve mine! And oh my it did! And I also really loved the creative crafts that involved hand-lettering, I will really try to remember those to be able to make my favorites of them. I am already so excited! Before I'd use hand-lettering mostly for my bullet journal, my study notes, or a nice letter on the envelope. I really love how I could broaden my horizon a but and especially, perfect my hand-lettering as well!

NetGalley, Paula A

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

It also gives great inspiration and ideas for embellishing your lettering so overall I think this is a very handy reference guide.

NetGalley, Richelle Rodarte

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Amazing book, especially at this time when people are home. I was pleasantly surprised by the step by step process to achieve beautiful lettering, Becki touched on the process, building skills and then on to projects. I especially enjoyed the seasonal ideas and themes. This provided a great opportunity for stress relief while creating beautiful works of art!

NetGalley, Lisa Pcenicni

Really enjoyed this beginners guide to brush lettering. I've followed numerous Instagram accounts trying to learn techniques and this was very helpful for me in learning additional steps and other ideas.

NetGalley, Ashley Borchardt

Becki Clark gives a lush introduction to some brush lettering techniques along with some beautiful seasonal projects to work on including Easter decorations, place settings and quirky wrapping paper.
It’s been a long time since I’ve done any kind of calligraphy and I have never worked with brush before so I really enjoyed working through the introductory chapter and alphabet.

Becki has helped me fall in love with writing all over again.

NetGalley, Catherine Spearey

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Excellent beginner book for the person who wants to start brush lettering. The supportive tone of the book encourages the idea that anyone can learn this art form. Inexpensive tools and projects will help the reader get started quickly. The detailed examples and pictures guide the reader through adapting their handwriting to modern brush lettering. Projects in the book are both modern and simple enough to fit a variety of decoration styles and lifestyle needs.

NetGalley, Megan` Myers

Becki Clark did a great job writing this book. It goes into a good amount of detail and step by step instruction on the process of brush lettering, techniques, drills, supply recommendations, etc. She also has a ton of really cute and easy seasonal craft ideas in the back with stunning photos and detailed instructions on how to achieve final product. The seasonal projects were very creative and definitely inspired me to want to get creative.

NetGalley, Brittany Appler

I have been interested in brush lettering and this book has fabulous tips and activities to do to help in mastering the technique.

Its inspired me to start journaling again, I am looking forward to mastering my brush lettering and this book will certainly help with that.

NetGalley, Kate Jackson

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I've read other books about lettering before, but this is one of my favorites. I would totally recommend it to beginners. It brings some great exercises, it's all very easy to understand. And it's beautiful!

NetGalley, Vanessa Issa

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Great book. it gives in detail examples of how to do modern brush lettering. It's the perfect book for anyone who wants to either brush up on your brush lettering skills or start from the beginning.

NetGalley, Brittaney Barfield

This is a great book to start you off with modern brush lettering! The author has put lots of time and effort into this book for people to use as a guide to help them start off in brush lettering.
The book starts with practice pages of how to do brush strokes and form letters and words, then goes into 20 projects to try.
I really enjoyed this book and will be trying some of the projects out and then try to build from them.

NetGalley, Natalie Horman

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

For a few years now, brush lettering has been growing and popping up nearly everywhere. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do, I never felt like I knew where to start. A couple weeks ago, I found Modern Brush Lettering by Becky Clark in the NetGalley list of books to review and immediately requested it!

The steps and craft tips are great for beginner in brush lettering. Included is also suggestions for which types of pens she prefers. Sections are divided up by seasons and major days. Simple items to decorate and great tips for how to complete each step are mentioned in this great book.

>From steps to practice brush lettering to creating ornaments, place settings, mirrors to hang, wrapping paper, it’s all between the covers of Modern Brush Lettering. Becky Clark also provides ways readers can find her online. Her Instagram is full of great colorful ideas!

Modern Brush Lettering was provided complimentary in exchange for an honest review. I give this book five out of five tiaras because it offers simple tips that even I can follow! Go get this book and start reading while I look for some brush pens!

NetGalley, Theodene Allen

This is a fun guide to doing brush lettering projects. There are 20 projects in all, and they tend towards things like making custom place cards (one project has you using lemons as the canvas, another using paper tags that you slip onto pear stems), envelopes, ornaments, etc. You typically will use either a brush pen or a paintbrush and paint. It's a fun distraction and not expensive or tricky to follow. The projects are divided by season and should provide some fun inspiration. Lovely color photos accompany the directions.

NetGalley, Alicia Bayer

There are many forms of art and craft, drawing, painting, calligraphy this specific book talks about brush lettering.
Brush lettering is basically writing letters using a brush pen or normal paint brush in different designer ways. ABCD in simple standard form and ABCD in a decorative forms that is the difference in short. Do not confuse calligraphy with brush lettering. The author gives an excellent introduction to the place the basics of brush lettering , the basic alphabets and methods to draw them are clearly given better than videos on YouTube. Introduction from how to draw basic alphabets and practice strokes and how to hold the pen everything is very clearly listed and easy to understand. There are images as well to make learning brush lettering very easy and fun.

NetGalley, Udisha Jain

Modern brush lettering is a little different, but it is a great skill to have and a cheap one to try out, supply cost-wise. The instructions are clear and concise and you can get practising in no time with the help of the photos and illustrations.

NetGalley, Janet Pole Cousineau

This is a good beginner book for anyone wanting to have a go at brush lettering. It is a good craft for someone to get started on as it is relatively inexpensive and easy just to have a go at. It would be a good skill to acquire for those interested in journaling, card making, scrapbooking, interior design and more established artists. The book itself is beautifully laid out, bursting with inspiring pictures and colour. The step by step projects are easy to follow and clearly written. All of them can be easily adapted and changed to include your own ideas or to suit your needs. It is such an absorbing and calming craft that it is a great one to take up in these troubling times.

NetGalley, jc Cross

I found this to be an excellent beginners guide to brush lettering, especially since I’m a total newbie to the subject. The subject matter was very easy to follow with beautiful photos. Also had several projects to try at the end of the book, most of which I’d like to try.

NetGalley, LiAna Gray

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is a fantastic book to get started with I love the rabbit craft the best and it has great tips to start and perfect technique and ideas to get you started with a handy guide to pens and equipment to enable you to make items for gifts and of course yourself to display!

A fun look into a different to the normal crafts that is simple enough anyone can give it a go and try!

NetGalley, Eve Witherington

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Modern Brush Lettering by Becki Clark is a very great educational book. I can now write in brush lettering thanks to this book. This book is great for anyone who wants to learn brush lettering and who also wants to make a DIY project. Loved it!

NetGalley, Miray Cekic

I have been wanting to learn modern brush lettering for a while and this book has been a great way to get started with practising.

This book is very well laid out with sections on
alphabets and
practice tips.

I also liked that there are 20 different projects for you to work on such as
cake toppers
brush lettered pumpkins
chalkboard labels and
an advent calendar

I have so much time on my hands lately that I love doing a little bit everyday and i'm very hopeful that I can make something from the book very soon.

NetGalley, Caoimhe Quinn

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This book is perfect for you if you're looking for a basic introduction to brush lettering or you're looking for fun projects to apply those newly acquired brush letting skills.

What I love: Becki introduces the basic brush strokes to practice thin and thick strokes, compound strokes, and some basic flourishes. Explanations are provided in a straightforward manner as if you are having a chat with the author. Helpful hints and tips are found throughout. (As a calligrapher, I even learned a tip that would have helped me in regards to holding the pen and applying pressure when I was first starting out.) Projects corresponding to each season follows the tips and tricks for basic lettering in the second half of the book. For each project, each step has a corresponding picture showing exactly how to execute each step. I recently started decorating paper to wrap packages I mail via USPS. I realize now I should purchase a certain type of paper to complete this project.

NetGalley, Samantha K

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Went through this in a couple of hours. A very good book for beginners! I had some knowledge on the topic and had a go at brush lettering before but it was still very helpful for me and I tried many of the exercises. All the projects seem fun and I will likely do some of them in the coming weeks, as soon as I have practiced my lettering well enough :)

NetGalley, Julija M

I loved this great lettering book. It helps with showing up close on how to write your letters. Then it goes into seasonal crafts to create with the lettering. I love the layout and the easy to follow directions. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to craft or knows of someone who likes to craft.

NetGalley, Brittney McKay

I loved how this book was broken up the seasons! It meant that no matter my mood or how far in advance I wanted to make something I could also make something that would fit the season.

NetGalley, Rhiannon Blewer

I was super excited to dive into Modern Brush Lettering, since I am obsessed with brush lettering and crafts.
The 20 seasonal projects of the book are amazing, creative and easily doable: aesthetic home decor projects! I was hooked! I instantéy completed the brush lettering basics and it was fun to learn how to use the brushes and different tips properly!

If you are a crafty person or just enjoys DIY that goes well with each season: You have to have this book on your shelf! I am sure I will decorate my house for fall and use the tips for my Christmas dinner this year! :)

The illustrations are gorgeous, easy to understand the steps and it is an extra that the author offers you help through her media contacts.

NetGalley, Rebeka Béla

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Really easy to follow and super fun!! After reading it made me want to write like that all the time, with wonderful photos too! I love it!!!

NetGalley, Nicky Anderson

This is a fantastic book to learn brush lettering. The author writes this book to use the Pentel brush pen, but it is easy to use with others. I used her techniques on my iPad digitally and it worked pretty well, obviously it takes a lot of repetition and practice, but this is a great guide.

NetGalley, Stephanie Guerra

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I have a few friends who do brush lettering, so have been intrigued for a while, but wasn't sure where to start. This book was EXACTLY what I was looking for! So easy to follow and lays out the whole process in a clear, comprehensible way, with instructions and great images too. From what pens and paper to use to how to do the brush strokes, everything you need to know is here.

I feel inspired by the fab craft activities included too, they're all really sophisticated ideas and none feel unattainable (once my brush lettering skills are up to scratch!). I'm already planning to do a few as presents - I love it when gifts have a truly personal touch and brush lettering my own cards and designs will let me do that.

I've just ordered my first brush pen and can't wait to get started! This is the perfect new skill to learn in lockdown.

NetGalley, Jen McNulty

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Very good and informative book, it was like having a teacher sat with you as you attempt the projects. Highly recommend this book as a starting point or even for the ideas she suggests for the craft projects.

NetGalley, Frances McHugh

This book is easy to follow and instructive-- I'd recommend it for beginners who want to start lettering.

NetGalley, Zoe Lee

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This book provides a very nice comprehensive introduction to brush lettering. I have been trying brush lettering before, but this gave me better inside in how the brush lettering works. With the foundation from this book I am sure I will be able to get better and develop my own lettering style. The projects included are all wonderful and I cannot wait to try them out.

NetGalley, Mária Piatková

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Very well written guide to hand lettering. I followed along and did all the practice work.
I have watched You Tube videos from author Becki Clark prior to reading the guide so it may have put me to an advantage, but I feel strongly that this book made me much better at hand lettering . I'm not convinced someone without prior experience would be able to just pick it up and start lettering, but it takes practice no matter what level you are.
I loved how she did not make you feel like you had to purchase a ton of supplies to be successful. At no time did I feel like she was trying to make her readers buy a certain brand to be good.
I highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn more about brush lettering and receive a lesson plan with all the practice guidance you would need.

NetGalley, Tracie Crane

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This book is a perfect instruction manual for anyone interested in learning brush lettering. The author provides some brief info on what you need to get started, then gets you lettering ASAP. The exercises were short and concise, coming together quickly into full alphabets and beautifully constructed words. As someone whose handwriting can be generously described as “like a serial killer,” this had me (complete with a lifetime of poor penmanship!) writing a delightful alphabet with about 30 minutes of practice.

The projects that follow are a treat. Separated by season, each project is a fun exploration of how a little bit of fancy lettering can really elevate the finished product. I already have an eye toward making many of these projects for upcoming birthdays and holidays. This book should be a staple for anyone getting into lettering, your crafts, journals and holiday cards will thank you.

NetGalley, Alexis Turner

I do love the projects! There are 20 different projects in this book that you can do using brush lettering and they all look AWESOME! There are projects for every season and celebration of the year and I'll definitely try some of those!

NetGalley, Laiza Hill

The selection of craft ideas is excellent. The photography is beautiful and the instructions are clear. I will definitely use at least a couple of these for my classes. A creative person can use these ideas as inspiration for many more projects.

NetGalley, Claudia Ratay

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What a fantastic book!

I have always taken an interest in calligraphy. I practiced a bit in my younger years at school and even now occasionally I’ll try my hand at some calligraphy for some work posters and always get compliments but I feel like I never really know what I’m doing...

I watch a lot of social media videos of people practicing calligraphy, particularly brush lettering. I find them really calming. This book had the same effect! I loved reading through the different instructions and the advice and all the different ways that you can use brush lettering that I hadn’t even thought about, like on plant pots or pumpkins (my particular favourite, I’ll definitely be trying that) and wrapping paper!

The ideas in this were fab and it’s really motivated me to get some tools and pens etc and give it a go using Becki’s advice!

NetGalley, Shannon Thomas

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I've bought several brush lettering books and found them lacking. Not this one! Simple instructions and tips on how to get started learning the technique and then dozens of seasonal ideas where you can put your new found skills to work in gorgeous gifts and home decor.


This is an amazing book for those beginners like myself who just started calligraphy. I love the step by step pictures on some of the deco you can do to make your decorations a bit creative. At the beginning there are some basic steps which is very important for the calligraphy. The author managed to describe in detail.

Highly recommend to all beginners and advanced calligraphy peeps out there.

NetGalley, Karamvir Kaur

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

An amazing book, excellent for beginners like myself. as I begin reading I also kept a notebook with me because I take important notes and later on started practicing. Everything was clearly instructed and their pictures that were quite helpful to see whether I was following correctly or not. Honestly this is the best book I have found on letter brushing because I have had a few others but none match to the lucid manner in which this book was written.

I followed the instruction and started out with small words not more than five letters and I can say that with each attempt, its getting a little bit easier and the words are starting to appear less and less wobbly.

NetGalley, Swati Jena

This book makes me want to sit down and dive into a project, I LOVE a book that has the ability to stir up the creative juices and make you feel inspired!... Overall I enjoy this book and can’t wait to tackle some of the projects, especially the water color name cards and envelopes! :)

NetGalley, Lucia Carr

Beautiful photos from this book. I enjoy seeing the brush lettering on anything. This book offers you varieties of how or where you can do a brush lettering. You can do it in a mirror, or in a cup of tea, or DIY calender. There is no limit to this. Once you master it, you can do it anywhere you like. This book is great to help you if you want to start lettering.

NetGalley, Alfi Yusrina

The instructions were very clear and the book was well laid out and beautifully photographed.

NetGalley, Beth Kirchenberg

The writing was simple and to the point to help make sure instructions and directions are clear to understand. I love that vibe that the writer wants to help keep her audience calm, especially if they aren't perfect at it quite yet. Which is so lovely and inspiring!... I found this book very quite, helpful, and personal. As I said, it felt like she was just talking to me as opposed to me reading and that is what really made me love it.

NetGalley, Romma Andrews

About Becki Clark

Becki Clark is a designer & illustrator who uses hand lettering in a modern and creative way to create beautiful designs for editorial, workshops for large brands and create various craft projects. She has worked with brands such as Hobbycraft, Homesense, Vans and Mollie Makes teaching hundreds of people the art of brush lettering as well as holding her own monthly workshops. Becki is constantly inspired by the changing seasons and this is reflected in her craft projects and designs.

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