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The New Millennium Serial Killer (Hardback)

Examining the Crimes of Christopher Halliwell

P&S History > British History P&S History > True Crime

By Chris Clark, Bethan Trueman
Imprint: Pen & Sword True Crime
Pages: 216
ISBN: 9781399040983
Published: 11th November 2022



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In March 2011, a major police investigation was opened in the search for missing Swindon local, Sian O'Callaghan. When taxi driver Christopher Halliwell was arrested, Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher didn't expect what happened next.

After the body of another missing girl, Becky Godden-Edwards, was uncovered, the police had two murders on their hands and one suspect, but how many more unsolved murders could Christopher Halliwell be responsible for? The hidden cache of around 60 pieces of women's clothing and accessories that he led police to suggests that the number could be much higher than the two murders he has been convicted of.

In The New Millennium Serial Killer, former police intelligence officer Chris Clark and true crime podcast host Bethan Trueman use their in-depth research to present a comprehensive study into convicted killer Christopher Halliwell. Discussing the crimes for which he was convicted but presenting them alongside the unsolved cases of missing and murdered women who fit with his victim type, and who went missing in the areas where he was familiar, from the 1980s to the time of his arrest in 2011. With many jobs over the years which allowed Halliwell to travel to different areas of the UK, along with a passion for fishing and narrow boating, including Yorkshire, East Lancashire, and the Midlands.

With a foreword by former Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher, The New Millennium Serial Killer presents a fascinating account of this cruel killer and tells the heartbreaking stories of over twenty women whose cases remain unsolved today, seeking to find justice for their loved ones who are still waiting for answers. Do they remain with Christopher Halliwell and the collection of women's items?

This is a good true crime book. It is very dark and disturbing. This book is all about justice for the victims. It is well written.

NetGalley, Tracey Hewitt

You can tell Bethan and Chris spent a lot of time researching this and they handle these stories very well.

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Instagram - @stacys_book_nook

I enjoy reading true life crime and was intrigued to read more about Christopher Halliwell as I remember his ongoing case.

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Instagram - @mrsbookburnee

The perfect read for true crime readers!

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Instagram - georgi_lvs_books

I have found this fascinating from beginning to end. It’s a must for true crime fans.

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Instagram - @littlemissbooklover87

Overall, a great book for anyone who loves interesting crime stories.

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Instagram - @tattooedliteraryresearcher

The book was fantastic and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in true crime.

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4 Stars

Oh how I love a true crime book. I have always wondered what makes them do what they do. Were they born this way? Or were they made this way?

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Instagram - @bookshelf_wonders

Comprehensive & thought provoking, this is a must for any true crime fan.

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Instagram - @jo_scho_reads

This has been a pretty interesting read. I have to admit that I didn't know much about Christopher Halliwell. The New Millennium Serial Killer presents such a fascinating insight into his life and leaves opened the possibility of more victims out there, bodies that haven't been discovered.

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Instagram - @book_nerd_cafe

Bethan Truman and Chris Clack explore not only the two Murders Halliwell has be convicted of but many cases that they believe he could be connected to.

You can tell this book has been meticulously researched and the stories of these women are told with tact. You can see how much the authors want to help in solving the cases.

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Instagram - @thebookdiaryofmisshewlett

This was an interesting view, looking at crimes that could be contributed to Christopher Halliwell. He had means and opportunity. There was also a large cache of items that were found in a place he was known to inhabit, and many of these items have never been tested, or linked to a missing person. The police seem to just have stopped and filed it all away.

There were comments made by Halliwell that pointed to the fact that he had indeed committed more murders than he was charged with, however, there does not seem to be a push to investigate or solve any of these crimes.

I enjoyed the read, and found some interesting and compelling theories throughout the book. Worth a read for sure!

NetGalley, Rebecca Hill

This was an interesting book about Christopher Halliwell , a killer I had not heard of before. I thought the book was well researched and I'm glad I read it.

NetGalley, Cheryl Hurst

I really enjoyed this true crime book and would happily recommend it to other true crime fans.

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The History Fella

I love a true crime story and this did not disappoint! Thrilling and utterly compulsive! An incredible read, impossible to put down. Incredible storytelling! Recommend you read this book!

NetGalley, Michelle Coates

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is a true crime book which needed to be written.
The crimes of Christopher Halliwell are discussed along with the possibility of him being responsible for more murders than the two he was charged with.
The book also makes it clear that the intentions of the lead investigator, Steve Fulcher, were in the very best interests of the victims, their families and the wider public.
I found this a difficult read having known one of the girls, but definitely worth the effort.

NetGalley, Karen King

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Riveting, Distressing, Shocking…
A riveting although rightly distressing true crime account centred around the crimes of Christopher Halliwell and written by a former police intelligence officer and a true crime podcaster. Well written and researched with a comprehensive but often heartbreaking account. Theories of further crimes are very compellingly put and shockingly hard to digest. Fascinating reading for true crime aficionados.

NetGalley, Ruth Giles

An interesting true crime book about a killer I never heard of. There's a lot of questions, there's a killer who could have murdered more women, and a botched investigation.
It was an interesting read.

NetGalley, Anna Maria Giacomasso

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Another true crime which I found impossible to put down. The story of the notorious taxi driver Christopher Hallowell, what starts off as a missing woman, leads to a dead body and Halliwell is the only suspect. As the police delve deeper the find a hidden cache of 60 pieces of women's clothing. Are these his trophies? Has he killed that many and where are they? From the 1980's to his arrest in 2011 he has hunted and killed women. This dark read also includes the stories of twenty families who are still waiting for news of their missing loved ones and want closure. A dark, disturbing and a MUST READ for all readers of this genre.

NetGalley, Peggy Beaver

I’ve alway been intrigued by all things True Crime and love to see the perpetrator brought to justice for the victims and family that are involved.

The foreword by former Detective Superintendent Stephen Fulcher is so insightful and you can really tell that he really wanted and succeeded in catching Christopher Halliwell.

This is an incredibly in depth well researched book that delves into not only Christopher Halliwell but his victims and the cold cases and missing/murdered women that he could be responsible for.

NetGalley, Carly Rushforth

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A fan of true crime and as this happened in a town near me, I wanted to read The New Millennium Serial killer.
It was a very interesting read and the authors write it well
Throughout I could not stop thinking if the poor girls Christooher Halliwell murdered. What an evil man he was. But through great detective work it put an end to this tragic and terrifying case. Well worth reading.
And thoughts go to the families who lost their daughters.

NetGalley, Denise Sharp

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

A well written and well researched book.
The writing is easy to read and digest and it’s clear that the book has been extensively researched.
I feel certain after reading the cases put forward that Halliwell has killed prior to the murders he has been convicted of , I am a true crime and criminology fan and this book ticks all the boxes.
The police are underfunded and stretched to the limit but when a book like this is written I think they should look further in to the points that are highlighted and once investigated either discard the theory or continue to look further in order to bring justice for these women and their families.

NetGalley, Zoe Hitchen

I had never heard of this murderer, but I agree with the hypothesis presented in this book: this man has killed more than those two women they charged him for, but I find it odd that he hasn't talked about any more victims. He is already in prison. Why wouldn't he confess his other crimes?
I'm not surprised that the police did a very mediocre job with most of the cases described in the book, mainly because they thought the women just ran away (in my opinion, that should be the last thing to consider), and because most were prostitutes (sex workers are human beings too, FYI). I like that the authors are calling them out for not taking the investigation seriously, and for giving up on those women and their families.
The book is simple and to the point, and it's obvious to me that by writing this, they just want justice for the victims. I hope the investigators do their job and find the answers ASAP.

NetGalley, Laura N.

A comprehensive and fascinating look at the life and movements of Christopher Haliwell . Looking in depth at the possibility that there are a lot more victims that have not been found or attributed to him.
A number of failings by different police forces in their dealings with missing persons cases and not recatorgising them as murder cases.
This will be fascinating for anyone who has an interest in true crimes or modern history.

NetGalley, Helen Wilkinson

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Factual and thought provoking book exploring the idea that Christopher Halliwell did indeed murder a lot more women than he admitted/was charged for….giving accounts and investigation that make it impossible not to believe/accept this.
If you watched the TV docu drama about this killer this is I guess a carry on from that.
Detailed and impeccably researched .

NetGalley, Mark Fearn

I love true crime and so this was such an interesting read for me. I of course knew of Christopher Halliwell but this book fleshed out the facts I already knew and gave me some that I didn't already know. A great read if true crime is your thing.

NetGalley, Aria Harlow

Well written book, on a despicable animal. So many murders linked to him, and some he has not admitted too. Women young and old, just a travesty.

NetGalley, Sheila Treacy

A lover of true crime, getting a book based in the UK is exciting because I’m not as familiar with cases there. To immediately start and tell the reader there are potentially many more victims that the police don’t have plans to further investigate Christopher Halliwell’s potential crimes is heartbreaking.

The book’s purpose is to persuade the Wiltshire Police in a public forum to further investigate the trophies found among Halliwell’s possessions. This plea could link those items to the women described in this book. By writing these requests in the book, the authors are shining a light on the department’s less than stellar follow up on closing these cases and would provide the needed closure to families. I hope the book rouses the public to demand these actions take place.

The authors describe in detail a number of missing and murdered women and how they could be potential Halliwell victims. Even if they are not actual victims of Halliwell, the book thrusts these cases back into the open and hopefully will capture the public’s attention to be solved. Again it all goes back to the Wiltshire police who may have some of these women’s clothing or possessions and do not seem to be willing to show them to the public. How disappointing to read that Steve Fulcher was discipled for using his gut instinct which resulted in locating the body of Becky Godden. I understand the law behind the disciplinary action but it’s disappointing that Wiltshire Police would rather have had the suspect reminded once more he can have an attorney over the recovery of a missing woman and peace of mind for a family.

I hope at the end of the day this book prompts the Wiltshire Police to provide the clothing and sketches they have to the public (similar to the way the dating game killer’s photos were published online) and make an attempt to solve these cases.

NetGalley, Ashley Syrett

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

What a tragic story. If only all 60 pieces of evidence in the pond could be tested then maybe some more families could have closure.
This book was well written and the best true crime book I’ve read this year.

NetGalley, Kimberly Russell

A very detailed examination of the theory that Christopher Halliwell killed many more women than he has been convicted for.

NetGalley, Marloes Bornebroek

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I did not know much about Christopher Halliwell until I picked up this book. It is extremely sad that so many families will not receive the closure that they deserve. The book really dives into possible connections around unsolved murder that could be the work of Christopher Halliwell. His MO was to kill in one village then take the body to another village to be disposed of. At the time there was very little communication between police departments and no full police database. Hopefully the police departments will work together and be able to prosecute him for other murders.

NetGalley, Alicia Garcia

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Fascinating story. I had read about Christopher Halliwell’s case, but found out so much more after reading this book. Lots of new details about Halliwell’s possible involvement in other missing women cases, specifically Claudia Lawrence. The writers have conducted a lot of new research, seemingly disregarded by the police.
Highly recommended.

NetGalley, Suzi Jeevaratnam

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Having read former D.I. Stephen Fulcher's book about his hunt for murderer Christopher Halliwell I was interested to read former police intelligence officer Chris Clark and True Crime podcaster Bethan Trueman's theories on potential further murders committed by Halliwell.

The authors' believe that Halliwell was responsible for several more murders than the 2 he was found guilty of spanning several years and locations. After extensive and thorough investigation they've found several unsolved cases of murder and missing women that follow Halliwell's proven pattern as well as a very clever theory about the locations of those crimes that add considerably to the likelihood that there's at least a very high probability that he could be involved in those crimes.

This is not an easy read, several horrific and disturbing crimes are described in detail ,of necessity it has to be said to show the very similar M.O. that seems to link them. Even if the authors are only partially correct that would make Halliwell one of Britain's most prolific serial killers.
Sadly it appears that there's been little interest shown in the authors' compelling theories by the police despite them offering various forces the material that has convinced Stephen Fulcher to back them.

A compelling if often shocking book, that is a must for avid True Crime readers, not least those who have read Stephen Fulcher's book.

NetGalley, Dave Blendell

About Chris Clark

Chris Clark, a war baby, was born in West Norfolk and raised at various RAF Stations, including Benson in Oxfordshire and Changi in Singapore, before his family settled in the village of Dersingham, Norfolk. He joined Norfolk Constabulary as a Police Constable in the Heart Beat era during March 1966 and had diverse roles within the uniform branch. He is heavily involved in family history research and is in the throes of writing a further book on the Royal Air Force and an autobiography of his experiences as a police officer, with a further book on unsolved crimes in the pipeline.

About Bethan Trueman

Bethan Trueman is a mother of two who, alongside her day job, is one half of the top true crime podcast Seeing Red. The podcast features discussions about true crime cases with co-host Mark, a new episode is released each week, and the show has been running for almost four years. She is fascinated by the darker side to humanity, and is fuelled by her need for evil people to face justice and to share the stories of the victims. Bethan is an avid reader, and has been writing for pleasure for many years. The New Millenium Serial Killer is her first book.

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