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Ancient History

The ancient world is an exciting period for military history. Full of epic battles, desperate sieges and the exploits of great generals whose fame has survived the intervening millennia - men like Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Julius Caesar. Pen & Sword's rapidly expanding Ancient History book range aims to provide well-researched, full-length studies covering the history of warfare from the earliest armies to the fall of Rome and the Rise of Islam. Analysis of armies, narratives of campaigns, battles and sieges and biographies of individual generals - it's all here.

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Peter Spring gives a very thorough survey of wall and linear barriers through time in this new publication. The book is full of original research and fills a gap in the many publications that tend to focus on one particular wall or period... An easy read that provides an impressive and unique catalogue of walls and linear barriers, and makes a valuable and thought provoking contribution to this area of history.

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I first came upon the name Marcus Agrippa as a child, not in a completely historical context but one which has always remained with me. Agrippa, played by the actor Francis de Wolf, delivers his opening line: I’m Agrippa! Kenneth Connor, playing the part of Hengist Pod, a British slave in charge of Caesar’s personal bodyguard replies: And I know one or two holds myself mate! The film was, of course, Carry on Cleo. But who was the real Agrippa? Growing up to be a historian of sorts I became aware that he was one of the men behind Julius Caesar but knew little else. After visiting Rome I began reading about its history and the characters behind it. Agrippa, though only a young man when Julius Caesar was murdered, rose to become the power behind the rise of his friend since childhood, the future Augustus Caesar. This book focuses largely upon that friendship. As with all biographies of ancient people some incredible detective work has to be undertaken to reconstruct elements of their.. Read more

Chris Heath, author

Honest and informative.


This well-researched book will be enormously valuable for all those embarking on an interest in the Golden Age of Greece.


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