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Containing more than images, Isle of Wight in the Great War, is described as an ideal read for military and social historians and a fitting testament to the courage and endurance of the Island's residents. He (the author) encapsulates well-known facts and little-known nuggets, including the claim the first Island casualty of war fell in the street outside the 29 High Street office of the County Press in Newport.

Isle of Wight County Press

A book detailing many touching personal details that emerged about Mole Valley families during the period.

Surrey Advertiser

Torquay author Alex Potter has produced the first ever book which tells the story of his hometown during the First World War. 'Torquay in the Great War' analyses the contribution that the town made to the war and its experiences of the home front. This book meticulously documents the town's experience of war through the extensive use of rare and previously unpublished letters...

English Riviera Magazine

Tells tales from the outbreak of war, air raids, makeshift hospitals, of conscientious objectors and even minor celebrity Brenda - the fundraising dog.

Essex Chronicle

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