Maritime history has dominated British history thanks to our island status. The Seaforth and Pen and Sword lists have some exceptional titles which have established themselves as key reference titles in the maritime and modelling worlds from the early years of seafaring, right through to the modern day.

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Laden with descriptions of adventurous sea travel from the passenger's viewpoint, 'Voyages from the Past' is a must for fans of British sea travel. A lovely read for those with seafarers in the family.

Your Family Tree

The author has provided a stimulating account of the death of Force Z and challenged many of the previous accounts. ... a very credible presentation of an alternative view.


If you are interested in [the Matchbook model of the Flower Class] then this is the book I suggest you really should have on your bookshelf.

Military Modelling

a fascinating study, we learn a lot about the composition of the Navy 200 years ago.

The Lady Magazine

This is an excellent book backed up with some high quality photos and I would very highly recommend it to our readers.

Shipping Today & Yesterday