Maritime History Books

Maritime history has dominated British history thanks to our island status. The Seaforth and Pen and Sword lists have some exceptional titles which have established themselves as key reference titles in the maritime and modelling worlds from the early years of seafaring, right through to the modern day.

Merchant Shipping Naval Nelson & Trafalgar Royal Navy Sail Ship Modelling Submarine

A riveting tour de force

Arnaud de Borchgrave, author of The Spike

Author Pengelly covers the many and various aspects of the ship's life from construction through maintenance and refits, action against the enemy, to her final disposal.

Julian Stockwin

This new paperback edition brings the history of this famous warship up-to-date with new chapters on the stunning presentation of the hull and the 19,000 salvaged artefacts in the new museum in Portsmouth. The book also tells the story of her eventful career, placing it firmly within the colourful context of Tudor politics, court life and the developing administration of a permanent navy. Beautifully illustrated.

Julian Stockwin

A book I would recommend to anyone interested in the Royal Navy.

The Napoleonic Historical Society

This is a perfect reference guide for any U-Boat enthusiast and historian alike who wish to gain a more factual listing of U-Boat losses.

MSC Reviews