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Maritime history has dominated British history thanks to our island status. The Seaforth and Pen and Sword lists have some exceptional titles which have established themselves as key reference titles in the maritime and modelling worlds from the early years of seafaring, right through to the modern day.

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Warship World

It is a remarkably insightful book that unconsciously challenges many of the commonly regurgitated historical narratives by use of meticulous research and solid interpretation... A significant addition to our understanding of the Great War at sea.

Australian Naval Institute

The book deals in great detail with the Battle of Trafalgar and also with what could be regarded as the second most significant episode in her long career...It provides a valuable background to the often controversial issues involved in conserving and repairing such a large, complex and antique structure.

Classic Boat

This is a beautiful book right at the start... Excellently written as one would expect from such an accomplished and experienced maritime history author as Brian Lavery... The text also offers a goldmine of information to anyone interested in the capital ships of the sailing navy of the 17th and 19th Centuries.

Ships in Scale