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Maritime history has dominated British history thanks to our island status. The Seaforth and Pen and Sword lists have some exceptional titles which have established themselves as key reference titles in the maritime and modelling worlds from the early years of seafaring, right through to the modern day.

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A very well written and researched book that should not be missed.

Sea Breezes

The book, which includes a historical introduction about the ship, its significance, design and construction, offers readers an illustrated tour from bow to stern and deck-by-deck in 200 photographs, paintings and drawings, taking in everything from the gun decks and accommodation to the mast and rigging.

Sunday Sun

Nelson's Band of Brothers is beautifully produced and is lavishly illustrated. It is a book to savour for its individual entries, to read and compare the remarkable lives of its many heroes, and as a work of reference to keep on the shelves of every student and lover of books about Nelson's Navy.

The Kedge Anchor

Highly recommended.

TRM Review Connect

This non-fiction book covers the subject matter of Conquest and Betrayal and would be of interest to readers of those titles whose interest is piqued and wish to delve deeper, as well as students of military history in general.

Julian Stockwin