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As with all Dorothy Nicolle's books, this is a very enjoyable read. One of the great strengths of the book is the number and wide range of the illustrations. [The author] is to be commended in sourcing many unusual and interesting images.

Shrewsbury Local History

Ne releases in the Images of War Series from Pen & Sword Books come on a regular basis, giving a good indication on the popularity of the format. This time they have turned to armour in the Vietnam War, a topic which has long been an interest of mine, and this one does not disappoint. ... [This is] an excellent collection of pictures to illustrate the incredible variety of armoured vehicles that were used in Vietnam between the end of WWII and the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. Lots of details to interest the modeller and a good overview of all these different types in use in the largely jungle environment. All in all another fine addition to the Images of War Series.

Military Modelling

Takes readers from the earliest prehistoric remains - dating back to almost 800,000 years ago, through to contemporary archaeology of the present day - using evidence such as genetics, landscape studies, inscriptions and artefacts.

Blackpool Gazette

The entire series of [Kaufmann's] well-written and superbly illustrated 'Forts & Fortifications' impromptu series now runs to ten volumes. The entire list runs as follows: Fortifications of the Incas 1200-1531 Fortress America: The Forts That Defended America 1600 to the Present Fortress Europe: European Fortifications of World War II Fortress France: The Maginot Line & French Defences in World War II Fortress Third Reich: German Fortifications & Defence Systems in World War II The Atlantic Wall: History and Guide [available from] The Maginot Line: History and Guide [available from] The Medieval Fortress: Castles, Forts & Walled Cities of the Middle Ages Forts & Fortifications of Europe 1815-1945: The Central States [available from] First & Fortifications of Europe 1815-1945: The Neutral States [available from] I recommend all of them to everyone with an interest in the topics. Further, these latest two make.. Read more

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