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Britain at War

A graphic personal account... Vividly describing army life.


Bearskins, Bayonets and Body Armour is refreshingly different. Beautifully produced, with colour photos.

Literary Review

Wargaming has become a very popular hobby bordering on a career. This book has been designed to take some of the time and effort out of preparing to begin wargames set against the Peninsular War and intended for use with the Pen & Sword Napoleonic Wargame Rules, Grand Battery. Wargaming enthusiasts will find this book a very valuable assistant, but it is also useful to a wider readership, particularly to those who are considering adopting wargaming as an absorbing hobby. The book's structure is very logical and easy to follow. The clear text is supported effectively by many illustrations, including charts, tables, sketches, maps and battle guides.


The review and conclusions are well argued and very effectively supported by illustration in the form of maps, charts, and photographs. An interesting and informative read that will be enjoyed by many.