If you've been using the parish baptism, marriage and burial registers for your family history research, but would now like to explore the range of parish records more fully, this is the guide for you. A hugely useful book.

Family Tree

The first comprehensive account of the history and development of railway track of all gauges including tramways and cliff railways...It will widen the readers knowledge of railways considerably...Authorative and highly recommended.

Heritage Railways

'Dumfriesshire in the Great War' explores various themes and contributes to a wider understanding of the impact of the war, particularly in rural areas, and will be of relevance to readers with an interest in cultural and social history.

Eskdale & Liddesdale Advertiser

Absorbing account of women's lives in early modern England: how they filled their days, the work they did and how they raised their children; along with accounts of pivotal moments such as publication of the first midwifery guide by an Englishwoman, Jane Sharp, in 1671.

The Bookseller

Another fine addition to the Tsouras production of imaginative 'what if' literature focused on military scenarios. In each case the authors do not simply launch into a revisionist account, but rather create an altered 'historical' background of sufficient depth to make the subsequent account of the events possible.

John Sloan