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Aldershot News & Mail

This is a truly wonderful book...McLaughlin has scoured archives in many languages to tell us the history of the Roman Empire's trade with/in Egypt, the Red Sea, East Africa, Arabia, India, Sri Lanka and China.

Black and Asian Studies Association

A rare and vivid account of life on the Battlefields of the Great War.

Scale Military Modeller Magazine

The late 7th Marquess of Anglesey did military historians and the public at large a huge favour when he set out on his mammoth task to document the history of the British Cavalry between 1816 and 1919. Thankfully he completed his labour of love and these volumes are a fitting epitaph to him. Volume 7 deals with the Curragh Incident and the cavalry on the Western Front in 1917. In common with other volumes in this series that I have read, the book is written in such an easy and engaging style that even those with no particular interest in either cavalry or military history could easily find themselves drawn to the subject matter. Furthermore, adopting conventions which were the norm in books written a hundred years ago or more, we find a single line précis at the head of each page - the key point on each picked out so that we, the readers, can quickly skim if we want to, making sure that we don't miss the key messages. This particular volume benefits from the odd cartoon or illustration.. Read more

Paul Nixon, Amazon Reviewer

Highly recommended for those with a curiosity and passion for maritime origins.

Julian Stockwin