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At Pen and Sword, we strive to bring you closer to the past. Firstly this can be through helping you trace your roots - our extensive genealogy list has published the works of many leading experts in their field to help you discover your family history. Hand in hand with this is our social history list, which helps your discover what your some of your ancestors did or indeed suffered through.

Transport history, particularly the history of trains and the railways is set to become an important area of our list and this will grow further throughout 2014 and 2015. Local history has dominated our list for many years, particularly when related to War. The Great War was very much fought from a local context and we have many titles focussing on this.

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The principle of this collection is to collect Official reports released by the officers of his gracious Majesty during their campaigns in South Africa against the Boers. Although the writings present only the views of the victors, it is very detailed with many narratives of fighting. Furthermore, a double indexes and units of the British Empire - this is a wealth of information. In summary, a good work!

Phillip Naud

This book will obviously have greater appeal in the north west and amongst those who can count Manchester servicemen in their family trees, but it also stands on its own as a nicely drawn vignette of one of Britain's foremost industrial cities during the First World War. I did not know for instance, that by July 1918 there were 2400 Manchester Regiment PoWs in Germany who were dependent on the War Comforts Committee and its fundraising efforts. Recommended.

Paul Nixon

As seen in the Stourbridge News.

Stourbridge News

As seen in The Cumberland News.

The Cumberland News

The hours of research that writer Trevor Frecknall must have put into producing 'Newark in the Great War' is clear for all to see. This book is packed full of stories – most of them harrowing, all of them heroic – of local soldiers serving on the front line. The horrors of the time are hammered home with page after page paying tribute to the fallen, although it was also nice to find out what happened to those who survived. For a comprehensive look at Newark's great war effort, this book will be hard to beat.

Newark Advertiser