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At Pen and Sword, we strive to bring you closer to the past. This can be through helping you trace your roots - our extensive genealogy list contains the works of many leading experts in the field. Hand in hand with this is our social history list, which helps you discover more about the background history of your ancestors.

Transport history, particularly the history of trains and railways, is set to become an important area of our list and this will grow further throughout 2014 and 2015. Local history has dominated our list for many years, particularly when related to war. The new series, Towns and Cities in the Great War, reveals how our home towns played their part.

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Even the most knowledgeable enthusiasts and historians will find some surprises when reading this book, it really is that comprehensive. It is one of those rare reference works where it will answer every question.


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Perhaps the most hunted killer of all time is Jack the Ripper, namely because the identity of the Whitechapel murderer has eluded the best manhunters since the 1880's and has created a cottage industry of speculation and finger pointing. The list of suspects runs the gamut from the royal family of England to lunatics of all stripe and national origin, insane doctors, incompetent midwives, policemen and bad lawyers (or barristers, as they are known in Great Britain). Conspiracy theories abound and interpretation of the facts have crossed over into pure imagination. In Quest for a Killer, Mr. Trow present a rational reexamination of the case,using modern forensic techniques and profiling of the list of known suspects, including a previously unknown one. In doing so, he destroys the conspiracy theories, outlines a new motive for the killings and proves the Ripper killed seven women, not five as everyone is led to believe. His suspect, for which he presents a solid, sane case, is Robert Mann,.. Read more

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