General History

At Pen and Sword, we strive to bring you closer to the past. Firstly this can be through helping you trace your roots - our extensive genealogy list has published the works of many leading experts in their field to help you discover your family history. Hand in hand with this is our social history list, which helps your discover what your some of your ancestors did or indeed suffered through.

Transport history, particularly the history of trains and the railways is set to become an important area of our list and this will grow further throughout 2014 and 2015. Local history has dominated our list for many years, particularly when related to War. The Great War was very much fought from a local context and we have many titles focussing on this.

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Grogan has produced a compassionate and comprehensive study of post-traumatic stress disorder that makes compelling and, at times, shocking reading. ... This clear, accessible account will appeal to the general reader with an interest in mental health or social history. [W]hat I think I loved about the book is its cohesion. What could have been a sprawling study of seemingly disparate issues was pulled together so that everything linked up and made sense. I think that's the paradox of [Grogan's] achievement - making sense of what seems on the face of it to be so much madness.

Linda Gillard, author of House of Silence and Untying the Knot

[This book] will be of considerable interest to students of this war. It is encouraging to see books of this calibre - in effect, an extremely thorough and painstaking examination of 'what actually happened'.

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames

Sue Wilkes simply takes you by the hand and walks you through Jane Austen’s world. A thoroughly engaging – and very informative – ‘eye-witness’ guide to everything from medical matters to modes of travel.

Joceline Bury, Jane Austen's Regency World

A very dramatic and useful book.

Destructive Music

Lavishly illustrated...the writing is fluid and a joy to read.

Speed Readers