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Post WWII Aviation

Pilot Michael Napier details the history of 14 Squadron RAF over the course of the last 70 years...It is a follow up to 'Winged Crusaders'. The elder son of an army officer, Mr Napier joined the RAF in 1978 and served with 14 Squadron as a Tornado pilot. In the seven decades since the Second World War, 14 Squadron has operated a wide array of aircraft types in a fascinating variety of roles.

West Sussex Gazette

With well-captioned photos throughout, this is a book that jogged many memories for me, and I am sure will do so for many others. For younger aircraft enthusiasts, it gives some fine coverage of the RAF during the Cold War, a time when so much change took place and when some classic aircraft were in RAF service.

Military Modelling

The book stands out for its superlative writing. That it is a joy to read also in English is thanks to co-author Alan Dawes, a Brit who wrote for Air Forces Monthly and AIR International Magazines and had already translated two other Russian aviation books and written several of his own.

Speed Readers

Interesting for aircraft historians in that it details the history of this famous bomber after the end of WWII, along with lots of photographs, and for modellers of course some more inspiring sets of camouflage and markings to tempt you into expanding a collection of Lancaster Bombers in model form.

Military Modelling

This hardcover book of history and profiles gives some great inspiration for any modeller who is interested in an eye catching F-104. Dave Windle has done a great job of the colour profiles, and helpfully for modellers these do feature both side views of each one. Interesting read.

Military Modelling Magazine, Robin Buckland