Post WWII Aviation

The book stands out for its superlative writing. That it is a joy to read also in English is thanks to co-author Alan Dawes, a Brit who wrote for Air Forces Monthly and AIR International Magazines and had already translated two other Russian aviation books and written several of his own.

Speed Readers

Interesting for aircraft historians in that it details the history of this famous bomber after the end of WWII, along with lots of photographs, and for modellers of course some more inspiring sets of camouflage and markings to tempt you into expanding a collection of Lancaster Bombers in model form.

Military Modelling

This hardcover book of history and profiles gives some great inspiration for any modeller who is interested in an eye catching F-104. Dave Windle has done a great job of the colour profiles, and helpfully for modellers these do feature both side views of each one. Interesting read.

Military Modelling Magazine, Robin Buckland

Ever since the crash of the RAF Chinook ZD576 on the Mull of Kintyre on 2nd June 1994 the cause of this tragic event has been of considerable interest and discussion. The author delves into all the inquiries and investigations in great detail, setting out and reviewing all the evidence put forward in a calm, unsensational fashion. I found this book to be very interesting and stimulating. We may never know exactly why Chinook ZD576 crashed but this book certainly helps give a better understanding of some if not all of the factors which may have brought it about.

Flying in Ireland

The new title from pen and sword ‘Images Of War’ series takes a look at some of the many vehicles to be involved in the Korean war on all sides. As such there’s a good section of tanks, afvs and other military vehicles scattered across the book, interspersed with a fascinating collection of images that tell the tale on this almost forgotten war. You’ll find photos of British centurion and Cromwell, American Sherman, Patton and Pershing and an assortment of Russian equipment used by the enemy, but it was worth nothing that there are a few images that a re in the book that are ‘examples of’ and not photographed during the Korean war. The amount of equipment covered within the book is varied enough to appeal to a wide audience. All of the images contained within this fine book in black and white, but the quantity and quality of those images makes it well worth the cover price and at just £14.99 its worth taking a look at.

Military Machines International