Modern Warfare

Interesting for aircraft historians in that it details the history of this famous bomber after the end of WWII, along with lots of photographs, and for modellers of course some more inspiring sets of camouflage and markings to tempt you into expanding a collection of Lancaster Bombers in model form.

Military Modelling

Well-written and informative

Military Modelling

The book traces the way in which a major security firm was built up from a few individuals to a massive operation with hundreds of staff at quite remarkable speed. ... Glasse highlights the different attitudes to former soldiers serving in security and current soldiers even when they were doing similar jobs.

History of War

The author has produced a book that conveys the realities of life for the sniper in Afghanistan, the highs and lows, the fear, boredom and excitement. This is a book that is compulsive and totally absorbing. It paints a graphic picture that introduces the sniper and the many pressures, psychological and physical. It is a thrilling and action-packed story and provides a related view of the other arms that integrate with the sniper.


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