Modern Warfare

Privratsky skilfully looks at each problem, discusses the solution and narrates how the various pieces of the plan worked in action. What comes across very well in this book is the skin-of-the-teeth margin by which some of all this worked. Major General Privratsky is no stranger to the story of the Falklands campaign and has written papers on the subject, lectured on the Falklands at West Point Military Academy and worked on this book over many years at the Hoover Institute of War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University.

Britain at War

A compelling [read] and extremely well-written.

Paul Nixon

Pilot Michael Napier details the history of 14 Squadron RAF over the course of the last 70 years...It is a follow up to 'Winged Crusaders'. The elder son of an army officer, Mr Napier joined the RAF in 1978 and served with 14 Squadron as a Tornado pilot. In the seven decades since the Second World War, 14 Squadron has operated a wide array of aircraft types in a fascinating variety of roles.

West Sussex Gazette

With well-captioned photos throughout, this is a book that jogged many memories for me, and I am sure will do so for many others. For younger aircraft enthusiasts, it gives some fine coverage of the RAF during the Cold War, a time when so much change took place and when some classic aircraft were in RAF service.

Military Modelling

Ne releases in the Images of War Series from Pen & Sword Books come on a regular basis, giving a good indication on the popularity of the format. This time they have turned to armour in the Vietnam War, a topic which has long been an interest of mine, and this one does not disappoint. ... [This is] an excellent collection of pictures to illustrate the incredible variety of armoured vehicles that were used in Vietnam between the end of WWII and the fall of South Vietnam in 1975. Lots of details to interest the modeller and a good overview of all these different types in use in the largely jungle environment. All in all another fine addition to the Images of War Series.

Military Modelling