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Spitfires & Hurricanes

For those enthusiasts who enjoy Second World War aviation history this title provides a look at the development and manufacture of the aircraft that ultimately won the air war for the allies. All the photographs are black and white and consist of planes is varying forms of construction. The iconic Spitfire, Hurricane, Typhoon, Bristol Beaufighter and De Havilland Mosquito are all here as well as others. Author Graham Simons had previously produced "B-17 Memphis Belle" so is no stranger to the Images of War format. His text is concise and descriptive but although he provided a very handy "Selected Technical Glossary" at the front of the book I felt that you needed to have at least a reasonable degree of knowledge of these WW2 aircraft to fully appreciate his explanations. The book gives credit to the somewhat unsung heroes who worked on these production lines as well as the designers and that can only be a good thing. The pilots that risked their lives on a daily basis and in far too many.. Read more

WW2 Connection

The Story of Beverley Shenstone, The Man Who Perfected the Elliptical Wing For the many Spitfire enthusiasts out there I assume this book adds a slightly new twist to the history of its design. As in other such scenario's, it appears that Beverley Shenstone persuaded R.J. Mitchell to use his modified ellipse design wing. Mitchell is hugely respected as chief designer but Shenstone's work must also be credited as a major part of the Spitfire's success. Something us Brit's must be eternally grateful for. Whilst I enjoyed this book I have to say for me it is written for those with a real knowledge of all things Spitfire. Some of the technical details were a lot to decipher and store for one so ignorant in aeronautical history and design. What I found fascinating was the journey this man's life took and the lengths he went to become a truly respected designer. Oddly enough much of Shenstone's knowledge came from years at the Junkers factory in Germany in the 1930's. During his time in Germany.. Read more


All you ever wanted to know about RAF Number 1 Squadron. Recommended!

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