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Transport History

The Wharncliffe Transport imprint has been designed to encourage readers to remember the classic days of British transport. Covering all periods of railways, buses, trams, cars, canals and bikes, these books provide a nostalgic look back at classic engines and vehicles. Some titles will be illustration led, whilst others will concentrate on the memories such classic machines evoke. All will inspire anyone with an interest in British transport history.

As Seen in the Winsford Guardian.

Winsford Guardian

Lavishly illustrated...the writing is fluid and a joy to read.

Speed Readers

Blends together a fascination for history and rail transport, producing an interesting read for history and railway buffs alike.

Discover Your History

Events, laws and personalities are meticulously followed up and no available record seems to have been left unturned.

Railway & Canal Historical Society

The book matches stunning graphic illustrations with gripping eyewitness accounts and the confidential reports of the accident investigators who worked out what had gone wrong. Simon explores the reasons behind the disasters, uncovering new material and evidence along the way. Illustrated with many harrowing images, this is a gripping read.

Essence Magazine