Pen and Sword Books have an impressive and comprehensive range of World War Two books. Far from waning, interest in the global land, sea and air conflict grows with every successive generation. Our list has something for everyone, whether it be from memoirs, biographies, pictorial histories, studies of campaigns and a superb selection of guidebooks, covering many of the Battlefields of the Second World War.

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The detail of the operations the book covers is not to be found elsewhere.

Britain at War

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Daily Express

This new title in the Images of War series by Paul Thomas covers the title subject rather well. It is split into 4 sections, covering Development and Training; Blitzkrieg; Barbarossa; and Last Years on the Eastern Front 1942-43. Each section is introduced with 2 or 3 pages of introductory text and then filled with an excellenet selection of photos to illustrate each one. With over 250 archive photos, most of which I had not seen before, there is a really useful coverage of the specific topic of the Light Panzers. The book is rounded off with Appendices on three topics - Panzer Variants; Armoured Crew Uniforms; and Camouflage.


The book is well researched, drawing on primary sources including after action, official sources and numerous secondary sources...Stern's writing and presentation imparts a freshness to the narrative.

Australian Naval Institute

I recommend the book to anyone wanting to know more and in detail of the operations following Operation Torch and the ultimate defeat of the Axis forces. I also recommend it to wargamers of that region, since it lists all units and provides excellent accounts of the various stages and battles.