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Pen and Sword Books have an impressive and comprehensive range of World War Two books. Far from waning, interest in the global land, sea and air conflict grows with every successive generation. Our list has something for everyone, whether it be from memoirs, biographies, pictorial histories, studies of campaigns and a superb selection of guidebooks, covering many of the Battlefields of the Second World War.

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This book will obviously appeal to an Australian and New Zealand audience, but I also found it to be of more general appeal, providing a look at an interesting cross-section of Fighter Command's pilots, as well as the way in which the Anzacs integrated into both the wartime RAF and Britain.

History of War

One of those books that no naval enthusiast can afford to be without.


A hive of interesting facts and almost unbelievable stories about Adolf Hitler... Well worth a look [and] well worth a read.

War History Online

The book reads well and is written in an easy to read style. I admit to generally reading books in bite-sized chunks but this one I became engrossed in and could not put it down. The narrative is very personal and absorbing as it details many of the escape attempts by people on board various ships, boats and rafts. Some of the stories are harrowing, but this is due to the honesty of the author in his writing.

British Military History

As seen in the Dover Express.

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