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Pen and Sword Books have an impressive and comprehensive range of World War Two books. Far from waning, interest in the global land, sea and air conflict grows with every successive generation. Our list has something for everyone, whether it be from memoirs, biographies, pictorial histories, studies of campaigns and a superb selection of guidebooks, covering many of the Battlefields of the Second World War.

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As seen in the Glossop Chronicle

Glossop Chronicle

A workman-like biography, describing the life and unusual naval career of a very professional and unquestionably brave naval officer.

Navy Today (New Zealand)

As seen in the Essex Chronicle.

Essex Chronicle

This is a very good overview of the Motor Cycle Training Centre, as it is jokingly known, and is well worth a read by anyone interested in what we do with soldiers who just can’t come up to the mark, for whatever reason. This is an important part of military life and will affect every unit at one time or another so I would recommend this book to anyone with a long term view of life in the military.

Army Rumour Service

Hitler's Commanders: German Action in the Field 1939-45 is an easy to read, well-written book furthering one's historical knowledge of the personal lives and exploits of fourteen pivotal commanders within the Nazi war machine throughout many battle fronts. James Lucas has used his expertise to put down in text these attention-grabbing and detail-orientated stories of these fourteen men collected in this book. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is interested in World War II history, specifically German military history and its commanders.

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