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Pen and Sword Books have an impressive and comprehensive range of World War Two books. Far from waning, interest in the global land, sea and air conflict grows with every successive generation. Our list has something for everyone, whether it be from memoirs, biographies, pictorial histories, studies of campaigns and a superb selection of guidebooks, covering many of the Battlefields of the Second World War.
The Reconstruction of Warriors
Archibald McIndoe, the Royal Air Force and the Guinea Pig Club
E R Mayhew
The Red Army in Combat 1941-1945
Bob Carruthers
The Rhine Crossing
Andrew Rawson
The Rifles Are There
David John Orr, David John Truesdale
The Right of the Line
The Role of the RAF in WW2
John Terraine
The Road to Dunkirk
The British Expeditionary Force and the Battle of the Ypres-Comines Canal, 1940
The Schweinfurt-Regensburg Mission
The American Raids on 17 August 1943
Martin Middlebrook
The Search For Gestapo Muller
Charles Whiting
The Second World War's Military Legacy
The Atomic Bomb and Much More
David Wragg
was £25.00
The Secret Army
The Memoirs of General Bór-Komorowski
Tadeusz Bór-Komorowski
The Secret Capture
U-110 and the Enigma Story
Stephen Roskill
The Seige of Kustrin 1945
Gateway to Berlin
The Siege of Brest 1941
A Legend of Red Army Resistance on the Eastern Front
Rostislav Aliev
The Small Scale Raiding Force
Brian Lett
The Soviet Union at War 1941-1945
David Stone
The SS on Trial
Evidence from Nuremberg
The Teutonic Knights
A Military History
William Urban
Thetis Down
The Slow Death of a Submarine
Tony Booth, Len Deighton (Foreward)
The Tizard Mission
The Top-Secret Operation That Changed the Course of World War II
The Tunnel
Eric Williams
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