Pen and Sword Books have an impressive and comprehensive range of World War Two books. Far from waning, interest in the global land, sea and air conflict grows with every successive generation. Our list has something for everyone, whether it be from memoirs, biographies, pictorial histories, studies of campaigns and a superb selection of guidebooks, covering many of the Battlefields of the Second World War.

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An interesting book that covers training, tactics and operations and the details of life at a dangerous time.


A fascinating and overdue study of generalship of high order, and charts the decisive moments in the brutal Burma campaign. Well illustrated and well referenced, this is a valuable addition to our knowledge of comparatively little-known elements of the Second World War.

Britain at War

This is a solid piece of work and I have learned much from Jon Diamond's well-paced and efficient text.

War History Online

It is a very clear, readable, and quite personal account of the remarkable exploits of No.45 Commando, which serves as a fine tribute to the courage and skill of its personnel, who may be considered an elite in the truest sense of that much over-used word.

Pegasus Archive

Over the years many accounts have been written in the aftermath of World War II in an attempt to capture life on the Home Front. But a series of diaries, meticulously kept by a Lindfield ARP warden, give a unique first-hand account of the war years from 1940 to 1945. The book has been painstakingly put together by Lindfield residents Linda Grace and Margaret Nicolle over the last four years.

Lindfield Life