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Amanda Knox (ePub)

Crime, Trial, Release and Controversy

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By Helen Saxton
Imprint: Pen & Sword True Crime
File Size: 3.6 MB (.epub)
ISBN: 9781399068352
Published: 29th February 2024


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In November 2007 the body of British student Meredith Kercher was discovered in her bedroom in Perugia, Italy. She had been brutally killed. Over the course of the next eight years one man, Rudy Guede, would be convicted of her murder and two other suspects, Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito, would be convicted, acquitted and convicted again for their part in the crime, before having their convictions overturned for the final time in 2015.

Almost two decades on from this horrific event Rudy Guede is now a free man, released in 2021 after spending 13 years in jail. Amanda Knox is married with a daughter and Raffaele Sollecito has slipped into relative obscurity.

For many, Amanda was, and remains, the central character in this story. Why? And why the controversy? Through piecing together a timeline of events and investigating the conflicting opinions found in the countless books, articles, films, documentaries, and discussions which have emerged over the years, the author takes the reader on a journey to find out.

Including interviews with often unwavering web forum users where posters pit allegations of corruption, coerced confessions, and flawed procedures against those of wilful deceit, callous disregard for life, damning forensics and inappropriate behaviour, Helen investigates if confirmation bias plays a part and asks the ultimate question; can any of us who weren’t there that fateful night ever really claim to know what happened?

As a huge true crime fan I couldn't turn down this one. Being a similar age to Meredith at the time she was murdered, this was a crime that really resonated with me. I also think the following circus of trials and media coverage lost sight of her - this beautiful, intelligent girl who was brutally murdered. While this book focuses on Knox, Meredith is not forgotten by the author.

I have read a lot about this crime and still go backwards and forwards with what I think may have happened or who was involved. This book won't give you those answers - at this point I am not sure there ever will be any. However, it is brilliantly written with a good coverage of both sides of the argument surrounding Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito's involvement. I thought it was well researched and despite the amount I have read previously, I found some new and more interesting things to read about the case in this book.

A very well covered case by this great author and one I'd recommend to true crime fans for sure.

NetGalley, Natalie Gardner

I love how unbiased the book felt, so it solely focused on both sides of whether Amanda Knox was guilty or not.

NetGalley, Brittney Koke

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Well Researched..
A fascinating and well researched account of an infamous crime. A deep dive into the case as well as the countless controversies and theories and which accounts for time, place, people and timeline as well as ensuring that the victim in all of this is given due consideration. It is as balanced an account as is possible which endeavours for neutrality throughout - whilst making note of the many other accounts of this case, in whichever media format they take, which may hinge inevitably on writer/producer opinion as well as confirmation bias. Well written and well considered.

NetGalley, Ruth Giles

This book is a very well researched and written history of all the main players in this event but particularly Knox herself. I found it informative and interesting. I particularly enjoyed reading about how biases can impact on murder trials - one person sees evidence of Knox's guilt while another sees her innocence in the same information.

Saxton does not ignore or forget Meredith Kercher either. While this text is about Amanda Knox, the murder victim is discussed regularly and respectfully.

NetGalley, James Doyle

This book covered arguably the most controversial murder case in recent years and was a really refreshing take on the typical true crime novel. Rather than flat out accuse or acquit the suspects, the author takes a detailed look at the evidence and the conflicting conclusions that can be drawn from it.

I really appreciated the victim-focused beginning as meredith kercher is so often forgotten in the narrative of her own murder.

The latter half of the book focused on the treatment of the case (and Amanda) in the media which I found fascinating and really unique, as most true crime books end with the legal outcome.

NetGalley, Amy Darcy

I have read several books on Amanda Knox, and I really enjoyed this book. The book looks at the evidence and gives a balanced view both for and against the three main suspects Amanda Knox, Raffaele Sollecito, and Rudy Guede.

The Author Helen Saxton has done an excellent job authoring this book which balances the story of a British overseas student Meradith Kercher who was found murdered in her bedroom. Saxton balances all the evidence of courtroom police transcripts, YouTube internet sleuths, the media and the true crime documentaries and books that are out there. Amanda and Raffaele were arrested went to trial and retrial and finally acquitted. Rudy served 13 years. You will have to make your own mind up innocent or guilty but a very informative book.

NetGalley, Kathleen RIGGS

Helen Saxton tackles a highly controversial murder and one of the key players Amanda Knox. She puts all the research from different sources together to provide a compelling in places disturbing take on this complicated woman. Its balanced and leads the reader to make their own judgement. Its sources and experts are endless and it even gives input from the woman herself.
This was a really refreshing book.

NetGalley, Josephine Jarman

"There is never any conclusion; as there never can be, but there exists a relentless, repetitive, circular atmosphere due to the fact that, as one member puts it, -no matter which theory you believe, some things just don’t add up-"

This is my first ever true crime book to read and it did not disappoint!

The author, following what seems like an extensive research, gives the reader an opportunity to dive, head first, into this extremely controversial case, providing different and at times contradicting sides to this tragedy; be prepared to slip down a twisted rabbit hole where nothing is as it seems.

Highly recommend!

NetGalley, Dr. Hajar

The mission statement of this is to create a clear and balanced overview of this case and I think it achieves that whilst weaving in a lot of interesting perspective. The events of the murder alongside the resulting and ongoing public reaction are relayed with nuance and complexity. Detailed and accessible.

NetGalley, Ashley Milne

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This is a story that seems like it will never be fully solved. Has the person/s fully gotten away with murder. This author takes us on a timeline. With several scenarios for one thing. To showing the what ifs to the who really knows.

NetGalley, Co Mar

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The book is well-researched and very well-written in chronological order with deep insight into controversies. Highly recommended for those who are interested in true crime literature and who don’t know yet the Amanda stories.

NetGalley, Meg Gajda

Helen Saxton's "Amanda Knox" provides an impartial perspective on the plethora of documentaries, articles, reports, and interviews that have inundated us since the tragic murder of Meredith Kercher in November 2007. Having personally delved into numerous accounts, I find Saxton's work to be a commendable compilation and analysis of the available evidence. It is truly unsettling to witness the myriad of conflicting narratives that have emerged. Saxton's assertion that only those present in the villa on the night of the murder hold the real truth resonates strongly. In a sea of opinions and varying versions, the elusive nature of the actual events leaves us grappling with uncertainties and unanswered questions.

NetGalley, Elaine Grandowicz

I'm definitely not alone with being fascinated by the Amanda Knox story. Saxton has taken police reports, court proceedings, books and internet chatter and has compiled them into a story. It's fascinating that Amanda because the crux of this story, more so than the victim and the other accused. The author was very objective and never expressed her opinions one way or the other. What this book shows is what the author states - that no one besides the person(s) who killed Meredith really know what happened. There are just as many arguments for Amanda's innocence as in her guilt.

NetGalley, Sharon May

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

The Amanda Knox case has always been one that I remember, questioning what actually happened that night so it was interesting to read this account and find out more about Amanda.

NetGalley, A D

This was a very interesting read. I loved the amount of detail! It’s great to see the perspective and all the details that may have been missed.

NetGalley, Melda Brincat

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

I have read nearly every book written about Amanda Knox. When I saw this one coming out, I was excited but also surprised: What else can be said about this case?

Well, I was pleasantly surprised. This book is one of the best as it’s a fully comprehensive package regarding Amanda Knox. Helen Saxton does a phenomenal job of of taking the details from the courtroom, police transcripts, evidence, and even YouTube web sleuths and combining it into something super comprehensive.

I recommend this title for anyone new to the case who wants a solid foundation of its timeline, controversy, and outcomes. I also suggest this title for those very familiar with Amanda Knox; this is such a well-written and comprehensive refresher!

NetGalley, Courtney M. P.

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

When I was younger, I was obsessed with this trial. I remember watching it on Lifetime. When I was younger, I was convinced she killed her roommate. Ever since then, every iteration and adaption I’ve made sure to seek out. This book was just another comprehensive look at the case and it was really thrilling for me to revisit.

NetGalley, Cara Forbes

For many, Amanda was, and remains, the central character in this story. Why? And why the controversy? Through piecing together a timeline of events and investigating the conflicting opinions found in the countless books, articles, films, documentaries, and discussions which have emerged over the years, the author takes the reader on a journey to find out. This book was actually informative to me and I learned some new things about the case and those involved.

NetGalley, Denise P

Helen Saxton sheds light on one of the most infamous criminal cases in the 21st century. By offering a fair view of things and touching upon the human realities of the story, Saxton makes you want to read on. You have to read this book to understand the complexities of the issue and its impact on the criminal justice system and media ethics.

NetGalley, Jody J

It’s obvious the author did a great deal of research. I enjoyed her perspective. I did see some information that I didn’t remember hearing previously. I enjoyed it overall.

NetGalley, Andrea Turnes

Love any books like this based on real events. When I saw this one I knew I had to read it asap! Thanks for the opportunity to read this book early. I flew through it learning some new things I haven’t heard yet!

NetGalley, Amanda Pelczarski

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

This was such a fascinating case. I think it will make the perfect addition to our true crime section.. For those that closely followed the case or want to know more about it.

NetGalley, Jill Speedman (Librarian)

About Helen Saxton

Helen has been fascinated by the worlds of true crime and fictional whodunnits from a very young age. With a background in theatre, she is now an author and playwright and spends her days creating unique team building experiences based around solving murders. She lives in Berkshire with her partner, three children, three cats and a dog.

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