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This is a perfect reference guide for any U-Boat enthusiast and historian alike who wish to gain a more factual listing of U-Boat losses.

MSC Reviews

Jagdgeschwader 26 was probably the most famous of the Luftwaffe's fighter units. This is a useful account giving the view from the other side.


‘This is a truly valuable addition to the available English-language literature on the Battle for Stalingrad . . . There are vignettes here that will stay with you for a long time. The young infantryman, for instance, eager for combat, who pushed his way to the front of the queue to be transported to Stalingrad, only to rue his keenness when he realized that he had hastened into a murderous trap. Or the gravely injured soldier who is given a blood transfusion, and to his astonishment sees that the donor is his Russian doctor . . . it is a book that deserves to be read by anyone with an interest in the war on the Eastern Front, or indeed in the Second World War in general.’

Roger Moorhouse, author of Berlin at War

‘From the Commandos, to the Small Scale Raiding Force and the Jedburghs, Colin Ogden-Smith was involved in some of the most remarkable clandestine operations of the Second World War. Consequently, this is a splendid all-action account of one man’s service and ultimate personal sacrifice.’

Britain at War Magazine

‘[Misch’s] memoir is full of details, asides and digressions, which allow the reader a rare and fascinating insight into the Third Reich’s inner sanctum . . . Misch overheard conversations, watched the comings and goings and was a keen observer of events . . . He was as close to being a ‘fly on the wall’ as one could get.’

Roger Moorhouse, author Berlin at War