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Medieval History

Pen & Sword has established itself as a leading publisher of medieval military history. Battlefield guides, accounts of decisive battles and sieges, critical biographies of key commanders, and reissues of classic works of the medieval scholarship all feature in our list. And the coverage is not restricted to Britain – important books on the Crusades, the Mongols and warfare in medieval Japan are also part of our publishing programme.

Readers who have a passing interest in medieval warfare and those who have long been fascinated by the subject will all find books here that are stimulating reading.

My first encounter with the mighty King Edward I was during childhood holidays to North Wales where I followed my father around some of the most stunning castles in the British Isles. I later followed this up by reading Michael Prestwich’s biography of the fearsome ‘Longshanks’. There is always room in the history market for new ideas and interpretation of already well researched subjects and David Santiuste has brought Edward’s wars against the Scots back into the limelight with his well researched and lucidly written new book. It is now twenty years since the Mel Gibson film, Braveheart, hit the cinemas. Although full of historical inaccuracies it was a tremendous romp through some of the events covered by this book. But for those who would like to know the true stories behind the characters of Wallace, Balliol, Murray and Bruce this is an excellent book to obtain. It shows Edward’s strengths and weaknesses, a man already in his 40’s before the matter of Scotland became prominent.. Read more

Chris Heath, author of Denby & District

Well written and crucially, it covers the entire campaign, not just the bloody events of St Crispin's Day. The combination of maps, narrative and stand notes are all of a high standard but possibly the most useful sections of the book cover the wider campaign, an overview of the Hundred Years War [with] plenty of additional information. All of this gives the battlefield tourist the vital context required to fully understand any battle, especially one-day battles such as Agincourt. Recommended.

International Guild of Batttefield Guides

The author has specialised in Scandinavian history during the period when the Vikings burst out onto Europe and beyond. His knowledge of warfare and tactics of the time is impressive and the book takes a fresh approach to the period, considering both the Vikings and their enemies. This is probably the finest account of warfare during the period and is essential reading for anyone who wishes toto understand this extraordinary period.


Useful for the gamer for both general campaign ideas and points of historical departure, and also for more in-depth ideas that could easily translate to the tabletop for certain period events.

Miniature Wargames with Battlegames

Stephen discusses disputed and tantalising aspects of the battle of Agincourt, what went before, and after, at great length and in the most minute detail. To achieve this he has read, digested and summarised an amazing array of facts and opinion. He has consulted more than 70 primary sources and more than 180 books and articles. The result is a magnificent achievement: a triumph of research, writing and publication. I commend it to you. Thank you. Melvyn Jones

Author and Historian Melvyn Jones