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Medieval History Books

Pen & Sword has established itself as a leading publisher of medieval military history. Battlefield guides, accounts of decisive battles and sieges, critical biographies of key commanders, and reissues of classic works of the medieval scholarship all feature in our list. And the coverage is not restricted to Britain – important books on the Crusades, the Mongols and warfare in medieval Japan are also part of our publishing programme.

Readers who have a passing interest in medieval warfare and those who have long been fascinated by the subject will all find books here that are stimulating reading.

Stephen discusses disputed and tantalising aspects of the battle of Agincourt, what went before, and after, at great length and in the most minute detail. To achieve this he has read, digested and summarised an amazing array of facts and opinion. He has consulted more than 70 primary sources and more than 180 books and articles. The result is a magnificent achievement: a triumph of research, writing and publication. I commend it to you. Thank you. Melvyn Jones

Author and Historian Melvyn Jones

A very readable book.

International Association of Cape Horners

A humorous and instructive guide to Elizabethan etiquette which should interest gentlemen of any century.

James Shapiro, author of 1599: A Year in the Life of Shakespeare

This book is certainly a well-researched study of medieval warfare and the weapons employed. By collecting together material written by Grant into a sequential study from 1066 to 1471, the publishers have produced an intelligently edited collation of the works. That results in a book that can be considered a thorough introduction to the subject that can be relied on, making it a primary source.

Firetrench Reviews

The study of the Mongol conquests of the 13th century and of the history of their empire has flourished greatly in recent years. Yet until now there has not been a book which relates what happened from the point of view of the invaded and conquered states of what is now China. This is what James Waterson, with the knowledge, lucidity and approachability we have come to expect of him, provides in Defending Heaven. It is a remarkable story, superbly well told.

David Morgan