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Pen & Sword has established itself as a leading publisher of medieval military history. Battlefield guides, accounts of decisive battles and sieges, critical biographies of key commanders, and reissues of classic works of the medieval scholarship all feature in our list. And the coverage is not restricted to Britain important books on the Crusades, the Mongols and warfare in medieval Japan are also part of our publishing programme.

Readers who have a passing interest in medieval warfare and those who have long been fascinated by the subject will all find books here that are stimulating reading.
The Battles of York, Stamford Bridge & Hastings
Peter Marren
A Gentleman's Guide to Duelling
Of Honour and Honourable Quarrels
Myth and Reality 1415-2015
Stephen Cooper
RRP £19.99
Bernard Cornwell, Michael K Jones
A History of Fortification from 3000 BC to AD 1700
Sidney Toy
Battle for Liberty
John Sadler
Barnet -1471
Death of a Kingmaker
David Clark
Battle of the Dark Ages
Peter Marren
was £12.99
Defending Heaven
China's Mongol Wars, 1209-1370
John Man, James Waterson
Edward IV and the Wars of the Roses
David Santiuste
England's Medieval Navy 1066-1509
Ships, Men & Warfare
Susan Rose
was £30.00
Fighting for the Faith
David Nicolle
Italian Rapier Combat
Ridolfo Capo Ferro
John Talbot and the War in France 1427-1453
A J Pollard
Matchlocks to Flintlocks
Warfare in Europe and Beyond 15001700
William Urban
Medieval Combat
A Fifteenth-Century Manual of Swordfighting and Close-Quarter Combat
RRP £14.99
Medieval Siege and Siegecraft
Geoffrey Hindley
Medieval Warfare
James Grant
Mercenaries & their Masters
Warfare in Renaissance Italy
William Caferro, Michael Mallett
Midget Ninja and Tactical Laxatives
Bizarre warfare through the ages
Philip Sidnell
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