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A Biographical Dictionary of the Twentieth-Century Royal Navy
Volume 1 - Admirals of the Fleet and Admirals
Alastair Wilson
was £30.00
Battles And Honours Of The Royal Navy
David Thomas
Bomb Alley - Falklands Island 1982
Falkland Islands 1982
David Yates
was £12.99
Britain's Future Navy
Nick Childs
was £14.99
British Battleships 1919-1945
Ray Burt
was £45.00
British Battleships of World War One
Ray Burt
was £45.00
British Destroyers
From Earliest Days to the Second World War
A D Baker III, Norman Friedman
Cox's Navy
Salvaging the German High Seas Fleet at Scapa Flow 1924-1931
Tony Booth
Dreadnought to Daring
100 Years of Comment, Controversy and Debate in The Naval Review
Captain Peter Hore
Figureheads of the Royal Navy
David Pulvertaft
Frigate Commander
HMS Belfast: Cruiser 1939
Seaforth Historic Ships Series
Richard Johnstone-Bryden
was £14.99
HMS Rodney
Slayer of the Bismarck and D-Day Saviour
was £16.99
HMS Victory
First-Rate 1765
Iain Ballantyne, Jonathan Eastland
Infighting Admirals
Geoffrey Penn
Monitors of the Royal Navy
How the Fleet Brought the Big Guns to Bear
was £25.00
Nelson to Vanguard
Warship Design and Development
Pepy's Memoires of the Royal Navy 1690
J.D Davies, Samuel Pepys
Plan Z
The Nazi Bid for Naval Dominance
David Wragg
Rebuilding the Royal Navy
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